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09 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Can I Use a 5V Battery on My 7.4V Heated Jacket?

“It’s upsetting to find the 7.4V heated jacket battery not working. Could I use a 5V battery instead of it?”

Heated jackets are designed to keep the body toasty to beat the cold weather. It is gradually instead of heavy layers of clothing to make users lightweight and warm on cold days. There’s no bulky annoyance anymore. With the use of a battery-powered system, a heated jacket generate heat through the heating elements.

Heated Jacket

Also, heated jackets have different models, using different batteries varied in voltage. 5V and 7.4V are the most common. So, some users wonder whether a 5V battery can be used with a 7.4V heated jacket. In this passage, we will explore this issue and extend your insight on battery heated jackets.

Battery Voltage

Battery Voltage

The battery voltage refers to the electrical potential difference between the positive and negative terminals of a battery. It is typically measured in volts (V) and can vary depending on the type, material, or age. Also, we normally use a multimeter or a battery monitor to measure the battery voltage.

5V Battery vs 7.4V Battery

7.4V Battery vs 5V Battery

5V and 7.4V refers to different levels of electric voltage. And they may differ in battery capacity. Like Venustas 5V battery, it has a capacity of 10,000mAh while its 7.4V carries 5,000mAh or 4,800mAh. As introduced, these two types of batteries both can maintain 9 or 10 working hours on low level. But the 7.4V battery with a smaller size perform better on stability.

Can I use a 5V battery on my 7.4V heated jacket?

Of course, you cannot. Some users always wonder whether they can use a 5V battery with a 7.4V heated jacket. They think it’s a feasible way to fix the issue of the 7.4V battery not working. However, it doesn’t work. If you still want to have a try, please read the below reasons and potential risks.

Primarily, different heated jacket models are compatible with different power banks. These batteries are specially designed with a specific voltage, capacity, and charging port to achieve heating efficiency at the reach of expectation. That’s to say, a 7.4V battery heated jacket only can use with a 7.4V battery to guarantee its excellent heating performance.

7.4V Heated Elements

Also, one of the important factors is the heating elements. It’s easy to find the number of heating elements powered by a 7.4V battery is more than 5V battery. For example, Venustas Men’s 7.4V heated vest is equipped with 6 carbon fiber heating elements while the 5V one only has 4 pieces. Moreover, the 7.4V heating elements is 30% larger than the 5V. So, even if the 5V battery can power the 7.4V heated jacket, it cannot provide enough power to the 7.4V heating elements, which could cause uneven heating distribution or short working hours.


Using a 5V battery with a 7.4V heated jacket has some potential risks to the apparel and battery. We know the voltage of a 5V battery is less than 7.4V. That’s to say, the 5V battery could not heat the 7.4V heated jacket in normal conditions. And it is prone to cause overheating and damage the heating elements. On the other side, a 5V battery needs to power more heating elements, which could damage the battery performance and lifespan.

Something to do when the 7.4V battery not working

In the above discussion, we know that we should not use a 5V battery with the heated jacket if the 7.4V battery not working. And don’t worry, it’s easy to fix the issue of the 7.4V battery not working. If your heated jacket is within the warranty period, the easy way is to contact customer service. If it is not, you should buy an extra 7.4V battery. (Note: if your heated jacket not working, visit this troubleshooting guide)

How to maintain a battery for heated jacket?

How to maintain a battery for heated jacket?

  • Make sure to charge the battery regularly (every 3 months), especially before you use it.
  • Store the battery in a dry, and cool place. Avoid exposure to extreme temperature and moisture.
  • Don’t overcharge the battery to maintain its performance. If the battery is fully charged, please unplug it.
  • Use the correct charger. If you charge it with an incorrect charger, it could decrease the battery lifespan.


All in all, one thing you should keep in mind is a 5V battery cannot replace 7.4V battery. They are varied in voltage, material, capacity, and lifespan. Only a 7.4V specially designed battery can be used with a 7.4V heated jacket.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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