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Can I Wear a Heated Jacket to NFL Games?

by Little V 07 Mar 2023 0 Comments

“I plan to watch an NFL game this weekend with my partner. Can I wear my heated jacket?”

“Wow, it sounds great. But some stadiums maybe prohibit carrying a heated jacket.”


National Football League (NFL) is one of the most popular and widely watched sports leagues in the world. Millions of fans from all over the world believe that it deserved to be watched, even fly hundreds of miles from other countries. Watching the NFL game is an exciting and unforgettable experience. But sometimes the cold weather maybe would affect the mood of watching the game. Some fans complain they wear no warm so much and feel discomfort throughout the whole game.


It’s a must to keep toasty and enjoy watching in freezing temperatures. People think a heated jacket could be a great option, especially those who are technology product enthusiasts. However, one thing that may come to mind is that “Can I wear a heated jacket to NFL games?”. Well, please let’s spend a few minutes exploring the answer together.

Whats a heated jacket?

Heated Jacket

Developing over years, heated jackets become increasingly popular owing to the functionality and practicality. It is one type of clothing that depends on heating elements, wires, and a battery to build a heating system. What makes it different is these heating elements are powered by a battery to provide warmth across the body at the press of a button. Its quick warmth and perfect comfort make it an ideal choice for various outdoor activities, like hiking, camping, skiing, or watching games.

Also, its certified quality ensures we can wear it without any worries. Based on its remarkable performance and guaranteed security, it starts to become the best seller, especially for those who live in the cold area all year.

Can I wear a heated jacket to NFL games?

 Can I wear a heated jacket to NFL games?

Well, heated jackets are safe to use, but most NFL fans wonder whether they are allowed in the stadium. Honestly, it depends on the stadium you visit. The different stadiums have different rules about the carry items. Some stadiums allow the fans to wear battery-powered clothing while others do not. So, it’s essential to check some rules about the specific stadium before watching. Now, we list some researched stadiums to look at the rules for you.  

FirstEnergy Stadium

According to the official website, FirstEnergy Stadium regulates the battery-powered heated jackets are allowed to use inside once fans let security know and check the apparel. It’s a considerate regulation for fans because this stadium is located in Ohio, which is an extremely cold place. If you plan to visit this stadium, a heated jacket is a great choice to stay warm while enjoying the games. Also, this stadium prohibits outside beverage of any kind, but the stadium inside has beverage served.

 FirstEnergy Stadium

MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium, built in New Jersey, is a multi-purpose sports stadium that mainly serves as a home for New York Giant and New York Jets of the National Football League (NFL). To ensure the safety of everyone who visits the stadium, MetLife Stadium lists battery-operated clothing on its prohibited items. That’s to say, fans cannot wear a heated jacket if they plan to visit MetLife Stadium.

MetLife Stadium

Highmark Stadium

Another stadium that does not allow taking heated clothing is Highmark Stadium. If you wear a heated jacket by accident, security will ask you to take off the clothing. It’s a primary stadium used for soccer with a seating capacity of approximately 5,000 spectators. Except for the heating clothing, the stadium has a strict prohibition item list, like tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, animals, etc.

Why heated jackets are prohibited in some mediums?

Why heated jackets are prohibited in some mediums?

Heated jackets are not allowed is not an NFL rule. Like the FirstEnergy Stadium we mentioned above, it allows fans to wear heated clothing to watch games. But according to our research, most stadiums prohibit heated clothing. It considers some safety concerns because the use of heated clothing in a crowded area maybe could increase the risk of catching fire or getting an electric shock. Also, some people explain that maybe they worry the fans would throw the battery to the field.

Tips before watching an NFL Game

check on the website

Because of different regulations in different stadiums, it’s essential to check the guest policy about the stadium you plan to visit. You can check on the official website or make a call. If the stadium doesn’t allow you to take a heated jacket, there are some alternative options for you to stay comfortable and warm, like a warm hat, gloves, or scarf.


All in all, it’s great to wear a heated jacket to the NFL game on cold days. But please don’t forget to check the stadium rules. Now, go ahead and break out your heated jacket, and get ready to cheer on your favorite team in style!


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