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25 May 2022 0 Comments

What is Venustas Heated Jacket?

Venustas heated clothing is a winter apparel that can produce heat from installed heating elements to give you extraordinary warmth in freezing winter, which has become one of the essential choices in the closet for those who like outdoor activities but hate cold. But some people still know little about the heated jacket. So, the blog will take you to gain a deeper insight into Venustas heated jacket.

Venustas Heated Jacket


Operation principle of Venustas heated jacket

Most people may not notice the difference between electric jacket and ordinary jacket and even have little knowledge of the issue of how do Venustas heated jackets work. Actually, it is easy to understand if you carefully go through the product’s instruction manual. There are three main parts involved in the operation process of Venustas heated jacket: battery, heated elements and wires. In simple terms, the battery is connected to the power cable located in the inside pocket to produce heat on heated elements through wires. When plugging the power cable on the port of the battery, the button will flash in red, blue and white lights for about 3 seconds. And you can press the button to adjust the heating level according to the temperature change.  

Operation principle of Venustas heated jacket

Types for Venustas heated jacket

Venustas clothing ranges from heated jacket, heated vest, heated hoodie, heated underwear and heated gloves, which are committed to provide you various clothing choices for the seasonal transaction. For example, you can wear Venustas heated vest with the base layer like a lightweight T-shirt in the fall, making you feel very comfortable. In addition, unisex heated jacket has received a great many good reviews from our customers and get more popularity among couples.

Unisex heated vest


Material for Venustas heated jacket

The material is very important to a heated jacket because most customers prefer to buy high-quality clothing. Venustas apparel mainly comes in two types of material: nylon and polyester. These two materials have an enhanced resistance to the severe weather, which allows you to attend climbing, skating or hunting activities during winter days. Moreover, with the nylon and polyester material, Venustas heated jacket has good thermal conductivity and can provide you extra warm even powered off.

Material for Venustas heated jacket


Battery for Venustas heated jacket

Battery is a core for a heated jacket. Without battery, the electric jacket fails to work. For Venustas heated jacket, there are two types of batteries: 5V battery and 7.4V battery. With the huge capacity of 10000mAh, 5V battery has two USB ports that can charge your apparel and smart phone at the same time. Being equipped with the 5V battery, the heated jacket normally can work up for 8-9 hours on the low level. Compared with the 5V, 7.4V battery only has 5000mAh or 6000mAh but still support lasting working time. And there is a LED displayed the remaining battery on the 7.4V battery, preventing from over-charged or over-discharged.



Functions of Venustas heated jacket  

Best friend for outdoor life

In winter, many people choose to stay at home in that cold weather. But if you own a heated jacket, you can go outside and do whatever you want. You should not restrict your movement and action, just indulge in different kinds of outdoor activities!

Venustas Heated Jacket


Best gifts for families or friends

It is a best option to give a heated jacket as a gift to your loved ones. There is nothing more practical than choosing a heated jacket as a present in winter. With a heated jacket, your families or friends can feel unprecedented comfort and warmth. Those who receive the gifts will think of you as they wear the apparel.

Believe you have a better understanding of Venustas heated jacket. If you are interested, please click and enjoy your shopping.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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