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27 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Where Can I Buy a Heated Jacket? [2023 Comprehensive Guide]

“I want to buy a heated jacket to keep me toasty and warm on cold days. Where can I buy a heated jacket for my needs?”

With excellent overall performance, a heated jacket becomes increasingly popular among those who work outside or participate in outdoor activities in winter. It’s a battery-operated jacket with heating elements, wires, and heating settings. People can wear it to challenge the cold weather without any bulky experience, even in the coldest place.

Where can I buy a heated jacket?

Well, a heated jacket has a lot of benefits. Its heating system allows you to feel warmth in seconds, and the insulation layer makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a cozy blanket. So, many people would like to pick one. Now, please read this passage and get tips to buy a heated jacket.

Where to buy a heated jacket


It’s easy to buy a heated jacket because you could find there are a lot of options available to you. One of the most popular ways to buy a heated jacket is online as it is convenient to compare prices and read customer reviews. Websites such as Amazon, Shopee, and Walmart offer a variety of heated jackets with different styles and price points. Also, you can check out the manufacturer's websites to buy directly from them. 

Offline shop

Offline shopping is also a good way for those who prefer to shop in-store or are unfamiliar with electric devices, especially elder people. Most outdoor and sports good store often provides a selection of heated jackets. People can go to these stores specializing in outdoor gear to look for a fit and nice heated jacket.

Who sells a heated jacket

With the rising of heated jackets, most manufacturers start to grasp the opportunity to develop heated apparel. Below are the top brands with multiple sales and happy customers.  



Starting with a romantic brand company, VENUSTAS is committed to developing heated apparel to keep people nice and toasty in freezing. It provides a variety of offerings, like heated jackets, heated vests, heated hoodies, and heated gloves. This 7.4V heated vest with reliable fabric and s a long-lasting heating system is the most classic style in the VENUSTAS store.


ORORO Heated Jacket

ORORO is also a great choice for anyone who would like to purchase a heated jacket. It’s a specialized heated apparel company built in 2015 and headquartered in California. In a few years, it continuously developed a range of products including heated jackets, heated socks, and heated socks.



DEWALT is a brand that specializes in power tools and accessories, but it also develops heated apparel. Its heated apparel is known for breathability and durability, making it attract a lot of attention among construction workers and outdoor enthusiasts. If you always work in a harsh environment, DEWALT would be your great choice.

How to choose a heated jacket

A heated jacket is a perfect solution if someone is looking for a way to keep lightweight and warm in winter. If you are ready to pick one, these factors you need to consider.

Heating system: It is the key consideration. When you buy a heated jacket, you should pay attention to the heating elements, heating settings, and heating zones. If you’re afraid of cold or live in an extremely cold area, the heated jacket with more heating zones would be better.

Heated Jacket Battery

Battery: Different brands come with different batteries. These batteries mostly are made of lithium. And the battery life varies because they are mainly different capacities and voltages.

Insulation layer: The layer is also the main factor. Some people like the puffy down while others prefer the lightweight fleece. If you don’t like the puffy fabric, a fleece heated jacket would be ideal to keep you warm and maintain a fashionable outlook.

Heated Jacket Insulation Layer

Style: Heated jackets come with various styles, from classic to stylish, casual to professional, slim fit to regular fit. Just make sure the jacket you purchase is based on your preferences.

Price: The price of heated jackets ranges from $100 to $ 500. Consider your budget and choose the one you like.


In summary, it’s easy to buy a heated jacket. You can choose online shopping or offline shopping based on your preference. With available brands, it’s essential to consider key factors, like the heating system, battery, or fabric. Now, let’s buy a heated jacket with above tips.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V


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