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Heated Jackets: Everything You Want To Know

25 May 2021 0 Comments

For those who spend a lot of time outdoors during winter, whether for work or fun, they can really benefit from wearing a battery heated jacket. It's time for you to embrace the warmth and say goodbye to the guy who used to shiver in the cold wind.

Skeptical about heated jackets? Read this article to have your questions answered.


Is Heated Jacket Worth It?

The electric jacket definitely worth trying for it has the advantages of all jackets while avoiding the shortcomings of ordinary jackets. It provides exceptional warmth without extra layers, and it's tough and long-lasting, which protects you from the freezing cold. Think about the time when you were outdoor for work or activities in winter. How long did it take to put all your clothes on? How did you look? And how did you feel when you need to move your body quickly? Gone are the days wearing too many layers and being cumbersome. Life would be much different with a heated jacket.

Click and read what makes heated clothing so necessary.


Is Battery Heated Jacket Safe?

Yes, battery heated jackets are safe:

  1. Well-made heated clothing does not carry the radiation that is harmful to people.
  2. The components of the heating system would not hurt you as long as you maintain the clothes properly.
  3. It's well known that the safety voltage of the human body is 36V, which is far higher than the average voltages of batteries(12V), so worrying about electric shock would be unnecessary.

What's more, heated clothing provides constant warmth for the human body, which benefits a lot and is essential to health.

Click and read what features determine the safety of a electric jacket.


How Do Heated Jackets Work Actually?  

Heated apparel work similarly to heated blankets and heated car seats. During assembly, each jacket is equipped with a heating system powered by a battery that sits within an inside pocket. They're toggled on and off via a small temperature control button on the jacket's surface. By pressing this button, you can set the temperature on a high level on a snowy day and change it into a medium or low level when days are getting warmer.

Thanks to the efficient work of the conductive thread, heating system, and battery, the battery heated jackets can keep consumers warm and toasty.

Click and read how they work so perfectly and efficiently.

heated jacket: everything you should know


How Long Do Electric Jackets Last?

The main factor that determines the working time of the machine is the quality of its battery. After being fully charged, the battery can work up to 8-9 hours on the low level, 6-7 hours on medium, and 3 hours on high. So if you want to use it for a long time outdoors, it would be better for you to set it on a low level to conserve some battery power.

Plus, the working time of the heated clothing is also affected by the heating elements and the proper way of maintenance.

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How to Wash Electric Jackets?

The key is to be gentle. And you should follow the three tips below.

  1. Before washing, you should disconnect and remove the battery from the zipper pocket, put the plug back, and zip up. (The cable may easily get tangled with other clothes or get stuck in the washing machine if you leave it unpacked.)
  2. Washing in the cold water only.
  3. Do not twist or wring it. Just hang it for air drying.

Click and learn the details about washing it.

heated jacket: everything you should know


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