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Is Heated Clothing Safe?

17 May 2021 0 Comments

“Is heated clothing safe?”. Although electric clothing is not a new invention, it’s still a mystery for those who know little about it. Most of them are worried about that this kind of apparel will harm their bodies.

The good news is that well-made heated clothing would not be harmful to people, either for their bodies or health. This article will explain to you that it is not only harmless to the human body but also beneficial to health.

It’s well known that some kind of radiation can cause serious and irreparable damage to a human being. And due to the electric element inside, heated clothing might be considered as the carrier of the radiation.
So will there be harmful radiation in it? The answer is no.
To understand it better, the first thing you should know is that not all radiation is malignant. For example, the far-infrared heat radiation, which is release by the heated apparel, is not harmful at all and is good for blood circulation.

When it comes to electric clothing, batteries are the important part to be discussed. A high-quality battery can provide constant and stable power when you need it to. On the contrary, a battery of low quality cannot provide enough power for the consumers and may even get people hurt. Always remember to check the battery to see if it’s certified when choosing your heated jacket.

-UL Certification
UL stands for Underwriter Laboratories, a third-party certification company that’s been around for over a century. They certify products with the aim to make the world a safer place for both workers and consumers. As for the batteries, the UL certification means that they are constructed correctly for the highest safety. So when you are considering buying electric clothing, one equipped with a UL-certified battery could be a better choice.

-Lithium Battery
Most of the batteries are lithium batteries known for outstanding stability, higher energy density, and voltage capacity. It’s not difficult to prove that lithium batteries are relatively safe and better than other types of batteries. They are widely adopted by many electronic products, like smartphones, laptops, and, tablets which are common used in our daily life. Besides, lithium batteries can maintain normal working conditions at a low temperature. The heated apparel with a lithium battery could be more reliable than others when working outdoors in winter.

Is heated jacket safe?

Low Working Voltage and Tough Shell
People who work outdoors or love attending outdoor activities in winter need electric clothing the most. They want to buy the heated jackets but hesitate about the safety. “How am I supposed to know whether it is safe or not with so many wires inside the jacket?” “Will I get an electric shock if it’s raining?” To answer these questions, there are two things you should know.
Firstly, even if the apparel is broken and has the possibility of leakage, the chance of getting an electric shock is very little. The average voltages of the batteries are under 12V, which is far lower than the safety voltage of the human body(36V).
Secondly, the shell is another protection against the element. With the Polyester/Nylon shells that are water-resistant and windproof, the jackets/vests keep the element away from the inside wires. What’s more, most of the heated jackets/vests on the market is machine-washable, which might be strong proof against those who assume that the wires of the apparel are fragile and can cause electric shock.

Is heated clothing safe?

Overheating and getting burnt may be a problem since the heated apparel is used to provide heat. But there’s no need to be worried. There are three levels of heat, which means you can adjust the temperature of the clothes. Just set on a high level when you are cold and change to medium or low when you start to sweat so as to keep yourself toasty and comfortable.

Keeping your body warm means a lot. For those who suffer from a medical condition exacerbated by the cold, warmth means being healthy and painless. And for others, warmth can protect you from the cold and ensure you a more cozy winter. Safe and reliable, the well-made heated apparel is your perfect companion in the long winter.

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