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Explained: How to Wash Heated Jacket?

13 May 2021 0 Comments

A heated jacket can be your perfect companion during winter. So after being used frequently for camping, fishing, hiking, and climbing, your jacket definitely needs to "take a shower."

"How to wash heated jacket" is a common concern. With the electric elements inside, many people assume that this kind of jacket must be hard to wash. A great news is that most of heated apparel is completely washable. For instance, Venustas heated clothing is machine-washable. So there's no need to worry about being troubled by dirty, heated apparel. Just read the instructions below before you wash it.

The instructions are also applicable to heated vests, heated coats, and heated hoodies.

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Before You Wash
Take a look at the care tag! Nothing is more important than that when you are going to wash your jacket. So always remember to read the care tag, and sometimes you might learn something specific to your clothes. In addition to the information on the care tag, there are 2 things you should notice before you wash.

-Remove the Battery
Make sure the battery is disconnected and removed before washing your heated apparel. After removing the battery, tuck the plug into the battery pocket and zip up. (The wire may easily get tangled with other clothes or get stuck in the washing machine if you leave it unpacked.)

Plus, it's also worth taking a few seconds to check your pockets and take out the stuff inside, as it might damage your jacket.

-Remove Stains
If there are stains on your electric heated jacket, please pre-treat them before washing them. Wipe the stains gently with a wet tissue, and if it's necessary, you can use a mild stain treatment. Bleach is not allowed to apply to electric heated jackets, so do other treatments that are harmful to heated appeal. If it's hard for you to choose the appropriate treatment, you can try it on the areas of the clothes that are out of sight, such as the inside of the waistline.

There are 2 options for washing your clothes: hand-wash it or use a washing machine. No matter which way you choose for cleaning, the temperature of the water should not exceed 86℉.

-Hand-Wash It
If you hand-wash it, just clean it like other clothes. But one thing you should bear in mind is that never wring or twist the heated clothing as it can damage the heating system. You can drain the dirty water and rinse the clothes a few times with clean water.

-Machine-Wash It
A mesh laundry bag is strongly recommended for the wires of the electric heated jacket, which is delicate and requires additional care. Make sure to set your washing machine to a gentle circle and wash it in cold water.

how to wash heated jacket-2

Do not wring or twist your heated clothing! And a drying machine is not recommended! Once the washing is done, you should hang the jacket for air drying. That's it.

Unlike what many people think, you can wash your heated jacket, as we have discussed in this article. The point is to be gentle, remove and replace the stuff mentioned above. Once everything is ready, you can go and wash your heated jacket.

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