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How Do Heated Jackets Work?

12 May 2021 0 Comments

Thanks to the revolutionary improvements in fabric heating technology and reliability, the heated jacket has become more and more popular in our lives. For those who spend most of their time outside: hunters, farmers, traffic police, and skiers, the heated apparel can be a good helper during the coldest and most humid days.
Do you get your first heated clothing? Are you the one who have been suffering the coldness for a long time? Are you hesitant to buy yourself a heated jacket for knowing few about it? This article will help you understand it better.

3 Things that Make Electric Jacket Work
When it comes to a battery heated jacket, everybody would think about battery, heating system, wires, etc. It's true that these things are all contained in an electric jacket. But think about the time when you were told that he/she is wearing the heated apparel, and you might be wondering why you can't see the wires and battery. And sometimes you might not even notice the guy in front of you is wearing this kind of clothes! Instead of being covered by wires and dragged down by a bulky battery, the electric jacket looks no different from a regular jacket.
So how can the wires, heating system, and battery work together so perfectly and efficiently?

-Conductive thread
These wires are conductive threads made of carbon fiber, which is lightweight and has strong thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, and corrosion resistance. For the practicality and safety of the heated clothing, flexible wires are sewn together without compromising the apparel's look, feel, or comfort.

How do heated jackets work-1

-Heating System
Each battery heated jacket is equipped with a system of conductive thread, which is fixed to the heating zones. And the system is then sewn into the garment carefully. For example, Venustas heated jackets have three to five heating zones, which means there are three to five sections of the jacket containing the special conductive thread.

How do heated jackets work-2

The conductive thread is tied into a lightweight yet long-lasting battery, which fits perfectly in the battery pocket for your comfort and convenience. The battery is connected to a power button located on the surface of the apparel. There are 3 heating levels of Venustas battery heated jacket. Just press the button to set the temperature on high, medium, low levels based on the weather and your preference.

How do heated jackets work-3


Time to Get Yourself a Heated Jacket
Only the 3 features mentioned above are not enough to make a battery heated jacket different. In order to meet people's increasing demand for the wearing experience of clothes, most of the companies have been continuously improving their production technology and upgrading their products.
For instance, Venustas has devoted to improving the wearing experience by focusing on the quality and the practicability of products. Special New Silver Mylar and the UL-certified 5V battery are adopted in the 2021 newly upgraded Venustas heated jackets and vests, making the apparel more skin-friendly and has a better insulation capacity with a longer working time.
Never be afraid to try something new and do more of what you love in any weather with Venustas heated apparel!

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