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5 Features Make an Electric Jacket Different

29 Apr 2021

Cold winter is really tough! Imagine the circumstance where you are shivering while you wear so many layers on your body. An excellent solution is to get yourself an electric jacket.
Unlike the typical winter jacket that keeps you warm by simply preventing the body heat loss. With the insulated shell and the built-in heating system, the electric jacket can give you the flexibility, security, and warmth you need when attending activities in the freezing winter.
A well-made battery heated jacket can be an irreplaceable helper during the cold winter months, especially for those who work or keen to engage in activities outdoors. But as winter is coming, you might be confused when choosing an electric jacket since you've never purchased one before. This article will help you figure out which features you should consider and find the heated work jacket that best suits you.

The power of the heated woke jacket comes from the battery, of course. The quality of the battery determines its expected charging time, the runtime of the heating system, and whether it’s suitable to charge your smart devices. So the most important thing to consider with this kind of jacket is the quality of its battery. Lithium-ion batteries are adopted in these jackets since they can last for a long time and provide constant power. But as for the voltage of the batteries, which determines the time a jacket heats up, it can be different from brand to brand. The standard voltage of the battery ranges from 5 to 12. And according to the temperature setting you choose, the heating system will work for 3-10 hours.


Heating Ability
Heating ability is another feature you should consider. Whether your electric jacket can give your perfect warm coverage depends on the number of heating zones, heating modes (low, medium, high), and the adopted thermally conductive material.
The typical heated woke jacket features 3 heating zones: two front chest panels and across the back. More costly brands may add more heating zones to provide extra warmth. Since the weather changes a lot, purchasing a battery heated jacket with different temperature settings could be better. Carbon fiber is commonly used in the thermally conductive elements, for it has strong thermal conductivity and can reduce the preheating time.

A heated work jacket is essential for those who spend a lot of time outdoors during the cold winter season. In the cold winter, we usually need to endure the wind and snow outdoors. Therefore, it is particularly necessary for us to choose a piece of heated work jacket that can provide warmth in a harsh environment. Many brands offer windproof and water-resistant jackets, which can help us to continue the venture!

It's commendable that many companies focusing on improving the heating ability and waterproof performance of heated apparel, but some of them may overlook the appearance of the clothes. In order to obtain a better insulation effect, some jackets adopt heavier lining and looser fit, which seems not fashion enough or convenient for outdoor activities.

With the electric elements inside, you may get confused and don't know how to clean the this kind of jacket. Fortunately, most of them are machine-washable.

Venustas has been in the battery heated jacket business for years, and determines to delivering style, functionality, and warmth to men and women who work outdoors or keen to participate in outdoor activities. In case that you might stain your jacket, Venustas makes the products machine-washable.
As winter is coming, why not get yourself a Vneustas electric jacket? Come on! You really should have a try! Indulge yourself in the warmth and cozy feeling provided by the thermally conductive lining made of SILVER Mylar. And enjoy the 8-10 hours-long warm protection guaranteed by the UL-certified Venustas battery. Get your body warm and get through the chilly winter months!

Have you gotten yourself or your family a Venustas electric heated jacket before? Please share a photo and tag us on FacebookInstagram, Twitter. Let us know how much you love it!

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