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Heated Clothing: Get Yourself Warm and Have Fun This Winter

30 Apr 2021 0 Comments

For different experiences and scenery, many people choose to travel and attend outdoor activities in winter. With that comes the need for heated clothing that protects against the elements: wind, mist, and cold temperatures. 
With different types of heated clothing, you can stay warm and comfortable when hiking, camping, hunting, and playing sports this winter.

Electric Vest
Some sports require stretching the body flexibly. So when it comes to the sports like gymnastics and table tennis, wearing a lightweight Venustas electric vest could be the best choice. It keeps you toasty while offers the flexibility you need.

"I am a PE teacher. No matter what season, the gymnasium and weight room I work in are always freezing. I hate wearing a ton of layers that constrict my movements, but I love wearing a vest because if I do get warm, I can de-layer quickly. My co-worker purchased a heated vest and loved it. So I selected this electric vest, and it was worth every penny! The first day I wore it, it kept me nice and warm. If it's on, I don't 'feel' the heat, but I stay warm and notice an absolute difference if I take it off."
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Rechargeable Heated Jacket
The rechargeable heated jacket is what we highly recommende if you are a hunting enthusiast who needs flexibility and prefers full coverage. The thermal lining of it is made of SILVER Mylar, which provides extreme softness for you.

"Wore this under my hunting coat this past weekend, set on medium, with an outside temp of 17F. I sat for 4 hours, stayed warm, and still had 21% battery left when I went in. The battery charged overnight and is good to go the next morning. I have been deer hunting in North Central Minnesota for over 50 years and wish this would be available all these years. Verrrry happy with it."
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Heated Coat
It can be unbearably cold sometimes in the winter months. For those who like outdoor sports but are afraid of the cold, it is a disaster. Venustas heated coat is the best option for you. The thick and warm coat will keep you cozy on chilly days. Nothing can stop you from going out!

"I was looking for a warm coat to outdoor football games (Wisconsin, hate the cold). I use this heated coat on the med & high setting, and it does a great job keeping me warm. I was not hot but definitely was not cold. You know, when you get so cold, the muscles in your core tense up, and it just hurts, well so far, with this coat, I don't have that problem. So happy I made this purchase! "
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Never let the cold stop your venture! 
Venustas provides a variety of styles of heated clothing to satisfy your needs. This winter, put on your Venustas, go out and have fun! If you enjoy the warmth the rechargeable heated jacket provides you, remember to take a picture when having fun and share it with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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