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A Brief Introduction of Venustas Heated Clothing

by Venus X 21 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Thank you for purchasing Venustas heated apparel!

Worry about getting bulky and uncomfortable with too many layers when attending sports or activities held in a freezing environment? Venustas heated clothing will provide you with a brand new dressing experience while you are hiking, cycling, or doing outdoor jobs during winter days.

Unlike a regular insulated jacket, a heated jacket protects you from the cold and provides exceptional comfort and breathability. With an adorable heated jacket, which is lightweight and insulated, you will be able to keep warm while still being flexible. Moreover, Venustas heated jacket with the extraordinary heating system can keep you warm while relaxing and won’t get you sweltering during labour work.

Part1: How to Use Your Venustas Heated Jacket?

It's really simple, I mean it. There's not much difference between wearing a heated jacket and an ordinary jacket. But at the same time, some details need to be noted.

  1. You have to fullycharge the batteryfor the first time you use it. 
  2. After fully chargingthe battery, you should insert the power cable into the port on the battery, and please make sure the button on your heated clothing will flash 3 seconds in red/white/blue light (if not, please re-plug again).
  3. To preheat theapparel, you should press and hold the button for 3-5 seconds.In order to save the energy and to get you a better wearing experience, the heated jacket will automatically adjust to medium heat after 5 minutes preheated time.
  4. When you need to power off the jacket, press and hold the button for 3-5 seconds until LEDs turn off.

PS: Always remember to unplug the battery if long time no use.

Part2: How to Take Care of Your Venustas Heated Jacket?

Venustas cold-weather gear is completely machine-washable. Proper maintenance of your jacket can extend its service life so that you can enjoy extreme warmth for a very long time. So let's talk about how to clean and take care of it.

  1. Before washing apparel, you should disconnect and remove the battery from the zipper pocket, put the plug back, and zip up. (The cable may easily get tangled with other clothes or get stuck in the washing machine if you leave it unpacked.)
  2. Dry clean is not recommended for DOWN.
  3. We recommend hand washing or machine washing for your jacket in cold water ONLY. If you're going to put it in the washer, use a laundry or mesh bag on a gentle cycle. Never use bleach!
  4. Once the washing is done, you should hang the jacket for air drying. That's it. Do not wring it or twist it, and do not dry clean it. Tumble drying the heated jacket is not recommended, as it can damage the material.
  5. Don't leave the clothes on a radiator, close to, or touching any hot surfaces.
  6. To extend the battery life, it is necessary to fully charge it every 3 months. 

Now it's time to put on the Venustas heated apparel and start your journey! We aspire to become your most reliable companion and looking forward to your feedback.

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