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Venustas Heated Clothing: A Reliable Friend in Winter

25 Apr 2021 0 Comments

It’s been years since the first Venustas heated clothing was sold. We’ve received a lot of compliments and encouragement and heard many stories from our consumers.

Venustas heated apparel provides unprecedented warmth and protection, which have changed their lives. They said there’s no need for them to bear the cold any longer, and they can participate in outdoor sports and work more easily. And those who gave Venustas heated clothing as a gift to others were told that this is a very practical gift. We are honored to hear these stories.

Venustas has been in the heated apparel business for years. We’ve been listening to customer feedback and upgrading our products, continuing to improve technology, and optimizing user experience, hoping to make our customers feel more comfortable while wearing Venustas heated apparel. We read a lot of stories that are very impressive and make us feel warm. In this article, we will share some stories about joy, happiness, warmth, and love.

“Great for Outdoor Workers!”

Many people are engaged in outdoor work, which means they must stick to their jobs in the cold days. For these dedicated people, Venustas heated vest provides a warm guarantee so that they can complete their work efficiently without fear of the cold.

“Great for outdoor workers! I’m a forklift operator at a chemical plant, and the machine I operate is an open cab, so the wind just blows right through. The vest, on a low setting, will keep my core warm for almost 10 of the 12 hours I work. I definitely will be buying an extra battery before the Texas winter gets in full swing. I absolutely love it!”
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Embrace Freedom Despite the Cold Environment.

For different experiences and scenery, many people choose to travel and attending outdoor activities in winter. Venustas heated jacket provides long-term warmth protection. Winter is coming! Let’s have fun!

“I camp all the time in cool/cold conditions. I have plenty of jackets to keep me warm but when we're just hanging around outdoors I'd like something a little... extra. I decided to try this heated jacket to see if it would make a big difference and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. I'm looking forward to getting a bunch of use out of this jacket over the winter and based on my experience so far I'm pretty sure I won't be disappointed!”
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A Sweet Gift that Delivers Care and Love.

Many people choose Venustas heated apparel as gifts to their family and friends, hoping to bring them some warmth. As a gift, it carries blessings and kindness. Those who received the gift felt the comfort and relaxation brought by the clothes and expressed their gratitude to our customers.

“Cold weather must have! My husband and I purchased it for my mother-in-law for Christmas. It provides all amenities at a low price, without compromising the quality. To simply state that she LOVES it would be an understatement. It is one of her most beloved items. You cannot go wrong with this coat! The warmth is superb, the battery life is long and the comfort factor overall is phenomenal!!”
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A Reliable Friend.

Reliability, safety, and practicability are the concepts that Venustas has always implemented. The heated jacket not only fits outdoor activities or work in severely cold weather but also provides you with warm protection in daily life.

It's a warm hug on demand! This vest is my new best friend. I suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome and if my upper chest or back of neck get cold, I develop wheezing and congestion. The breeze of an air conditioner in summer can set it off as well as the winter cold. I can put on this vest, and it quickly alleviates the symptoms. It fits under my jackets so I can stay warm walking the dog.
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No matter where you are, what kind of work you do, and what kind of life you live, Venustas will be by your side. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and share the photos of you winter fashion on Instagram with the hashtag #Venustas, we are looking forward to your feedback.



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