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Venustas Heated Jacket: 5 Things You Should Know about it

27 Apr 2021 0 Comments

Venustas has always been committed to providing customers with a warm and comfortable wearing experience. Perfection is our goal.

Many customers became our fans after purchasing our heated jackets. They expressed their love for the clothes and made pertinent suggestions. We listened carefully, summarized the problems, and optimized the products.

For the newly upgraded Venustas heated jacket , we have improved some details while retained the original features. In this article, we will show you the improved details and other advantages of it.

Why is Updated Venustas Heated Jacket Awesome?

This heated jacket adopts SILVER Mylar as its thermal lining, which can bring you cozy feeling. With the extraordinary heating system, it will ensure you don't lose any extra heat and enjoy more warmth than other heated jackets on the market. With the UL-certified Venustas battery, which will work up to about 8-10 working hours, this clothes will provide you the most lasting warm care.

Why Venustas Heated Jacket?

Venustas has been in the heated apparel business for years. We’ve been listening to customer feedback and upgrading our products, focusing on quality, the practicability of products, and customer service, hoping to make our customers feel more comfortable while wearing Venustas heated jacket. 

  • Premium Quality

A high-quality heated jacket comes with the features like:

A Long-Lasting Battery: A good battery needs to provide you with enough power to run the heating system as long as you need it to. We have a long-lasting battery for each heated apparel. After being fully charged, the battery is able to work for 8-10 hours.

Superior Heating Zones: We use carbon fiber or graphene as the thermally conductive material for clothes. Which has the characteristics of being lightweight, strong thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, good ductility, and corrosion resistance. It is an excellent material and the best choice for the heat conducting-part of heated clothing.

Waterproof Shell: Considering that most of our users prefer wearing heated jackets for outdoor activities, we use Nylon/Polyester Fabric to make the clothes windproof and water-resistant.

  • Prices

We provide our products at affordable prices without compromising the quality. We usually get the feedback that people prefer to choose our products due to a more reasonable price. And after they bought our products with the attitude of having a try, they surprisingly found that the quality of the clothes far exceeded their imagination.

  • Practicality

The heated jacket not only fits outdoor activities or work in severely cold weather but also provides you with warm protection in day-to-day life. During cold winter days, you can wear this clothes for outdoor activities and work. And during spring, we can wear this soft and cozy jacket without turning it on and still feeling warm.

  • Service

Quick response to consumer issues. Our products will be strictly inspected before delivery. But just in case, we have trained a group of professional after-sales service personnel, who will solve the problem for you sincerely, quickly, and efficiently. So there’s nothing to worry about!

Venustas heated jacket


Venustas is more than just being awesome. We hope to be the companion of your everyday life and coziest moments.

If you have already been accompanied by Venustas heated jacket and been satisfied with it, please follow us on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, share your thoughts and keep us updated on how much you love your new Venustas heated clothing. 


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