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How to Stay Warm When Skiing This Winter

19 May 2021 0 Comments

For those who enjoy skiing, staying warm is crucial. The secret to keeping warm is layering and warming your 'core'. If your core is warm, then your body can provide heat to your extremities. If your core is cold, then your body will focus on warming your vital organs, and your extremities will become cold. But putting so many layers on to keep your body warm might affect your flexibility. So here comes the problem: you want to ski and practice for better skiing skills but are restricted by the clothes you are wearing.

To ski lovers, heated apparel is highly recommended. With different types of heated apparel, you can keep your core body warm and comfortable and have a great day on the slopes, ignoring the coldness and wind.


Heated Jacket

Skiers who love challenging themselves prefer the ski resorts with harsher weather, and they know the feeling of confronting the elements. In view of this situation, a heated jacket can help. With the Polyester/Nylon shell that is water-resistant and windproof, it offers the cover you need on a cold, rainy, and foggy day. 

What's more, this heated jacket has a detachable hood. So you can get all-around protection on the cold, windy day and enjoy the wind blowing in your ears during a nice day.

How to Stay Warm When Skiing


Heated Vest

Layering up can be a better choice for those who can't stand the cold. However, one common problem with layering is the concern about being bulky. With a heated vest, you can stay warm and flexible while skiing.

This fleece heated jacket contains 4 heating panels. The heating areas on the right & left chest and the mid-back keep your core body area at a normal temperature. And the heating panels on the collar can warm up your neck, which usually might be ignored and exposed to the freezing wind.

How to Stay Warm When Skiing


Heated Sweater

If you require full coverage and more flexibility, a heated sweater can be your best choice. Crafted with the ultra-soft Polyester lining and stand-up collar, Venustas heated sweater delivers warmth while maximizing breathability and comfort.

Equipped with a 7.4V battery which can work up to 8-10 hours, the heated sweater keeps you warm and toasty during your outside activity time.

how to stay warm skiing


Heated Gloves

A pair of gloves is essential to the skiers. For the cold fingers, Venustas heated gloves can't be missed. The external layers of the Venustas heated gloves are made of 35% lambskin and 65% polyester, which are breathable, water-resistant, and windproof. With the internal parts that include 133g lightweight and ultra-soft PrimaLoft cotton and the heat elements, this pair of gloves ensures superior warmth for you.

how to stay warm skiing


Go skiing and have fun with Venustas heated apparel. By the way, the heated jacket/vest/sweater is totally machine-washable. So don't worry about the sweat and just enjoy yourself!

Are you a ski lover? Have you tried Venustas heated apparel before? Please share a photo and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Let us know how much you love it!

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