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Why Is My Venustas Heated Jackets Not Blinking?

06 May 2023

In recent years, heated jackets, commonly referred as the "cold enemy," have become an indispensable component of our winter lives. These garments have gained significant popularity due to their exceptional heat retention properties, which are better than traditional jackets.

However, it is imperative to note that there may be imperfections in any product, and this includes heated jackets. If your jacket not flashing as expected, it will cause frustration. In turn, it may prompt a desire to find out the problems in heated jackets. But such issue may pose a challenge for those who are making their initial purchase. So, this blog provides solutions to help users fix this issue.

3 Modes of Temperature Control

With Venustas heated jackets, you can easily adjust the heat based on your liking, ensuring maximum comfort in chilly conditions. Three heat settings are available, each represented by a different color - blue for low, white for medium, and red for high. Users can simply press a button to adjust the temperature. The jacket can reach a temperature of 95°F/35°C on the low setting, 113°F/45°C on medium, and 130°F/55°C on high.

Also, adjustable heating setting enable users to know the working condition of heated jackets. When wearers press the power button, the heated jacket is in pre-heat with red light. And then it will automatically adjust to medium heat with flashing white light. If your heated jacket cannot blink in the press of the button, there maybe something wrong with the jacket.

Why Is My Venustas Heated Jacket Not Blinking?

Why Is my Venustas heated jacket not blinking? That may be a confused quetion for those who have a heated coat. Next, we will mention some fators affecting the the button light up.

  • Battery Pack

If the battery of your jacket is low or dead, it may not blink. Besides, if the power cable is not onnected to the provided battery pack, the power button will not display a flashing light in the colors of red/white/ blue.


First, once the battery has reached a full charge, you may connect it to the apparel and hold down the power button on your clothing for a period of 3 to 5 seconds. And then observe to see if any red, blue, or white lights are present. If there is no any flshing light, it is recommended that you move on to step 2.

Second, it is advisable to inspect the connection between the battery port and the wire on the garment for looseness. In case of looseness, it is possible that either the battery or the apparel is defective.

Third, if the battery pack displays 0 after connecting to the jacket, and your mobile phone can be charged while the jacket fails to operate, it is indicative of an issue with the jacket. If the battery pack is unable to power both the mobile phone and jacket, kindly reach out to us and we will be glad to assist you. If your purchase is within the warranty period, we will replace either the battery or jacket at no cost to you.

  • Poor Wire Connections

Insufficient wire connections can affect the functionality of the button on a heated jacket.The wires connect the battery and jacket to make the power button blink. When wire connections become loose or damaged, this can impede proper electricity flow to the LED lights,causing them to malfunction and disabling their ability to blink.


To check for wire connection issues, you can inspect the wires and connectors for any visible damage or looseness. If you notice any issues, try to reconnect or replace the wires as necessary. It’s important to follow the user's instructions and guidelines for any repairs or replacements to avoid causing further damage to the jacket.

  • Heating Elements

If the heating elements in a heated jacket are not functioning properly, it could affect the blinking on the jacket. The heating elements on the jacket are typically powered by the battery. And if there is an issue with the heating elements, it could also affect the LED light.


If the heating elements are working properly and the LED lights are still not blinking, then there may be a issue with the control setting of the jacket. It's important to check the user's instructions and troubleshooting guide for the jacket to identify the cause of the issue and find a solution. If the problem still cannot be sloved, it's recommended to contact the manufacturer to inquire about repairs or replacement options.

  • Un-Dry Jacket

Moisture or dampness in the jacket could damage the heating elements and electronic components, which could make it unsafe to use and cause it manufunction, like the button cannot blink.


It is important to ensure that the jacket is completely dry before using it. If the jacket becomes wet or damp while you are wearing it, please turn off the heating function immediately, and remove the battery or power source.


If your Venustas heated jacket not blinking, it is suggested to proceed with a thorough assessment of battery and apparel to identify the underlying cause. If a resolution is not found, we recommend that you reach out to our customer service team via email at, providing detailed information pertaining to the issue.


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