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How Safe are Heated Jackets?

08 May 2023 0 Comments

“It sounds great that a heated jacket is built with a heating system to generate heat.”

“Yeah, maybe it’s a great option for cold weather.”

“However, are heated jackets safe?”

It’s awesome to wear a heated jacket to keep bodies nice and toasty in freezing without the bulky of ordinary coats. Typically, the outer layer that people always wear in winter is a traditional puffy jacket, and these jackets are usually filled with duck or goose feathers. But in fact, this kind of puffy jacket cannot provide quick and efficient warmth. Also, some are quite heavy to restrict the body movement.

Winter Jacket

Well, a battery-powered heated jacket is a great alternative to traditional layers. On the other side, some people worry that heated jackets maybe pose risks to bodies because of the electricity. So, our goal in this blog is to provide these people with a comprehensive understanding of heated jackets.

Whats a heated jacket?

Basically, heated jackets are powered by rechargeable batteries to provide warmth. Heating elements are sewn into the apparel inner layer to produce heat when plugging into the power bank and then pressing the power button. Ann wearers can feel the quick, long-lasting, and comfortable warmth across the body.

Venustas Heated Jacket

The unprecedented warmth of heated jackets not only reduces the burden of heavy layers but also expands the outdoor time in winter. Compared with traditional jackets, heated jackets are better for those who always work outside or enjoy outdoor activities.

Safety Features in Heated Jackets

Heating elements

Heated Jacket

Heated jackets use heating elements to generate heat across the core body. To guarantee users a better experience, most heated apparel manufacturers usually use carbon fiber or graphene heating elements because both feature stable thermal conductivity. That’s to say, these heating elements can distribute heat more evenly to the body area and keep long-lasting warmth, even when users in freezing places.

Adjustable Heating Setting

Heated Jacket adjustable heating setting

Comfortable warmth is what heated jackets always bring to our bodies. Traditional jackets depend on insulation to provide warmth while the warmth cannot be adjusted. Sometimes maybe it’s annoying to wear a down jacket when the weather suddenly becomes warm. That’s why most people prefer heated jackets. Most heated jackets are designed with adjustable heating settings to provide different levels of warmth, allowing users to adjust the perfect warmth according to the temperature without worrying about the overheating issue.

Certified Battery

Heated Jacket battery

While battery-powered is a significant advantage for heated jackets, some people still worry about the security of batteries, like catching fire. Well, don’t worry. The battery-related accidents with heated jackets are uncommon. In the heated apparel industry, lithium batteries are commonly used because of their functionality, durability, and security. Also, these batteries are certified to create an extremely safe environment to use heated jackets.

Waterproof Fabric

Waterproof Heated Jacket

Heated jackets are often advertised with waterproof fabric. The outer layers of most heated jackets are crafted with waterproof material, like polyester or DWR. So, users do not need to worry that the water could damage the heating elements on rainy days or snowy days. Also, the waterproof ability relieve the inconvenience in unpredictable weather, especially for outdoor lovers.


Can heated jackets shock you?

Heated jackets cannot shock you because most heated jackets use low-voltage batteries. 5V, 7.4V, and 12V are most common.

Can heated jackets catch fire?

It’s nearly impossible that heated jackets can catch fire. Heated jackets are tested and proven that they are safe to wear. Also, some heated jackets are designed with overheating protection to prevent fire accidents.

Are heated jackets cancerous?

Not, they aren’t. Instead, heated jackets benefit us, like the produced warmth can promote blood circulation.


All in all, heated jackets are safe to wear. The safety features in heating elements, heating settings, and battery give users the best wearing experience. Let’s get rid of worries and pick the best one for you!


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