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Why Does Heated Vests Fit Running in Chilly Morning?

23 Sep 2022

In recent years, morning run has become more and more popular. It’s easy to find a lot of people of different ages doing a morning run in the park. Some are purposed for building a strong body. Some regard it as a good way to release pressure. Others simply desire to enrich their lives. On the other hand, it is difficult to stick to the habit for most people. Some of us are apt to give up the habit in winter because of the cold winter. But fortunately we find a good thing that can get rid of this issue. That is the heated vest.

Why does heated vest fit morning run?

Heated vests are designed for cold-weather sports, activities, and work. It is a battery-powered vest that can generate heat to cover the body in a warm environment. Below are the reasons that I think it is a perfect pick for running on a chilly morning.

Venustas Heated Jacket

Less layer, More warmth

It is a common problem that many layers of clothing in running can be a burden for most people. That makes us lose the enjoyment from running except for the discomfort. So, it is a must to pick a heated vest.

Most heated vests are made up of two layers. One is the outer layer, the other is the inner layer. Both layers are enough to bring you extraordinary warmth in running, which enables you to throw away heavy clothes. Besides that, warmth is guaranteed because of the excellent heating technology.

No sleeves design

Most people believe the sleeves would block the running movement. That’s what I want to mention here. Maybe a heated jacket can cover more warmth, but the heated vest is more suitable for the morning run.

Compared with heated jackets, heated vests with no sleeves design enable runners to move freely without any constraint. In addition, most heated vests are covered with heating elements on the shoulders to keep hands warm. So, there is no need to worry about the issue of warmth.

Venustas Heated vest

Better protection

It’s annoying that the body is got wet by rain or snow in running and sometimes it makes you get cold. Here I believe that the heated vest is your best running companion.

Most heated vests are crafted with waterproof material to protect runners from rain or snow. Some are even designed with a hood that can form protection for the head and ears. Most importantly, manufacturers use graphene or carbon fiber as heating elements. Both feature remarkable waterproof performance and damage-proof ability.

Whats the best heated running vest?

Mens 7.4V heated vest

Venustas men's 7.4V heated vest

This heated running vest is a perfect choice for men. Covered with 6 carbon fiber heating elements, the heated vest has 30% larger heating panels than others on the market. Besides that, it adapts with a new mylar thermal lining to improve its waterproof ability. All of these allow men to embrace the comfort, warmth, and enjoyment in running.

Womens heated fleece vest

Women's fleece heated jacket

This heated vest fits women who like to run in the winter. It adopts soft fleece material and 6 carbon fiber heating elements, which means the comfort and warmth are guaranteed. Women who suck in an extremely warm environment can embrace the freedom and beauty in winter. Besides that, it is equipped with a 7.4V battery which can work up to 10 hours.

Mens heated down vest 7.4V

Men's heated down vest

It is a heated down vest that covers extraordinary comfort and warmth to men. This heated vest uses white duck down material inside the inner layer, which brings runners a lightweight experience. Most importantly, it adopts nylon material and graphene heating elements to enhance the waterproof ability and damage-proof ability.


All in all, it is necessary to pick a heating running vest for those who have the habit of a morning running in the winter. Now, just click here to buy the best one for your winter journey.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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