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What Are the Pros and Cons of Heated Vest?

by Ryviu 16 Sep 2022 0 Comments

“I hadn’t ever experienced a heated vest until just recently. It is an amazing garment that works well as advertised.”

Heated Vest

Heated vest grown over years is not a new invention. But some people still haven’t bought a heated vest because they are blocked by some concerns. Some of them are afraid that the heated vest cannot generate heat as introduced. Some are concerned about its security issue for it involves electricity and battery. In fact, these concerns come into my mind in the past while something has changed until I had a heated vest. Heated vest is awesome though maybe it is not perfect in certain aspects. This blog will cover the pros and cons of heated vests for you to grasp some important information.


Extraordinary comfort

Comfort is the primary benefit. The heated vest is better than the down vest I bought before. All about the former is outstanding though the latter also can cover the warmth to me. Everything about the heated vest comforts me including the excellent heating system, soft lining, and waterproof shell. In winter, it is enjoyable to do everything with a heated vest. There are no cold and heavy burdens anymore except comfort.

Venustas Heated Vest

Superior heating performance

Heating performance is one of the main focuses of a heated vest. Crafted with a heating system, a heated vest can play its value. In other words, the heating elements inside the heated vest can be powered by the battery through the cable, which keeps the body warm. Unlike ordinary vests, heated vests guarantee long-lasting warmth to you even if the temperature suddenly drops.

Lightweight and breathable

When comes to the vest, bulky or heavy experience comes into our mind. But a heated vest is different. It is lightweight and breathable with the unique design. For example, some heated vests are crafted with white duck down to improve the bulky experience without compromising the warmth. A lightweight electric vest is ideal for outdoor activities covering hiking, camping, or mountaineering.

Venustas Heated Vest

Waterproof and windproof

It is annoying that clothes perform poorly in waterproof aspects, especially in freezing winter. Most manufacturers attach great importance to this issue in the heated apparel industry. Therefore, heated vests are almost waterproof and wind-proof. In heating elements, graphene and carbon fiber are commonly used because both features remarkable waterproof ability. As for clothing material, most heated vests adapt with nylon or polyester to enhance the waterproof and windproof performance, which forms a better protection on rainy days or snowy days.


High cost

Expensive is an important consideration to block our consuming desires. Compared with traditional vests, heated vests are no advantage in price. Glancing at the market, some heated vests even up to $200, which makes people doubt whether it is worth the investment. But a heated vest needs heating technology, valuable materials, and a battery. All these decide its quite high price but prove its worth.

Venustas Heated Vest

Only powered by battery

For heated vests, powered by batteries is the most prominent characteristic but sometimes it can be regarded as a disadvantage in some aspects. It’s a problem if you live or stay somewhere without electricity. That means a heated vest would lose its value. Moreover, if you spend several days camping with a heated vest, the biggest problem is that most electric vests only can work up to 10 hours. So, the best solution is to take an extra battery.


All in all, although heated vests are not perfect in every aspect, the benefit is beyond my imagination. If you are now looking for clothes to go through the cold weather, a heated vest is your best choice.


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