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09 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Are Heated Jackets Waterproof?

“Owing to a heated jacket, I can’t lose my freedom on rainy days or snowy days”.

Heated jackets designed for cold temperature is a miracle for those who struggle in going outside in freezing winter. It is a combination of comfort and warmth, which stands out in the winter clothing market. But some people still have some concerns about the apparel. One of the common questions focuses on its waterproof aspect, like “Can I wear a heated jacket in the rain?” or “Is it safe when water is in contact with a heated jacket?”. So, this blog aimed at this issue guides you to know more about the heated jacket.

Heated Jacket

Why are heated jackets waterproof?

Most heated jackets are waterproof. In the heated apparel industry, manufacturers almost consider waterproof performance except for comfort, warmth, and safety. Heated jackets are made for cold areas where snowy days are common. That indicates waterproof performance is an essential consideration. Below are some waterproof aspects about heated jackets.

Heating Element. It is the most important element inside heated jackets. Without heating elements, the jacket loses its value. Carbon fiber and graphene are commonly used as heating elements because both are outstanding in overall performance, like thermal conductivity, damage-proof ability, and water-proof ability. In other words, the heated jacket can be worn on rainy days or snowy days. That means there is almost no need to worry about the damage caused by the water.

Heating element

Clothing Material. On the market, most heated jackets are made with special materials to enhance waterproof performance. Nylon and polyester are commonly used in the outer shell because both are not prone to water. Waterproof fabric enables outdoorsy people to enjoy rain or snow. Besides that, DWR is usually applied to the exterior of heated jackets to keep dry and prevent water permeation.

Pocket & Hood Design. Pocket is a handy design, which allows you to store staff, especially on rainy days. You know, it is annoying that something gets wet because of the no-pocket design. In addition, a heated jacket with a hood design not only keeps the head and ears warm but also protects them from rain or snow.

Heated Jacket design

Waterproof power back bag. Heated jackets are waterproof but not for batteries. That’s the main reason why it is necessary to remove the battery before washing. To prevent damage, most heated jackets are included a waterproof power back bag. That is a thoughtful design providing better protection for batteries.

Best waterproof heated jacket

Womens 3-in-1 Heated Jacket

Women's 3-in-1 heated jacket

This is an all-purpose heated jacket fitting for different weather conditions. It can be worn together or separately, which is more versatile for travel. Its nylon outer shell and polyester lining guarantee the waterproof ability without compromising the comfortable warmth. Covered with 5 graphene heating elements, the heated jacket can keep the body warm no matter how cold it is.

Mens Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood

Men's heated jacket

This heated jacket perfectly fits outdoor activities, like camping, hiking, skating, and hunting. Primarily, the best part is the detachable hood design, which is suitable for chilling mornings or rainy days. Besides that, its shell is made with 100% nylon featuring excellent water-proof ability. That can dispel some annoyance on rainy days or snowy days.

Womens Heated Down Jacket

Women's Heated Down Jacket

This women’s cozy heated jacket receives a lot of positive reviews. Crafted with nylon and down, the heated jacket possesses incredible waterproof performance and remarkable warmth. Most importantly, it is equipped with 6 carbon fiber heating elements to enhance the heating performance.


In a word, a waterproof heated jacket far exceeds the ordinary jacket. It enables you to enjoy the beauty of rain and snow. Now, pick the best waterproof heated jacket to go outside!


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