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Which Material Is Best for A Heated Jacket?

by Little V 07 Sep 2022 0 Comments

It’s our goal to keep all-day warm in freezing winter. Owing to the heated jacket, the cold fails to permeate us and the warmth covers us all day. It’s a great idea to pick a heated jacket to go through the winter, but it is tough to find an ideal one.

Heated Jacket

For most people, the material is the primary consideration no matter which items they buy. That is also applicable to the heated jacket. Material is a key to measuring the overall performance of a heated jacket, like graphene heating element indicates a heated jacket features remarkable thermal conductivity. But some first buyers still don’t know which material is best for a heated jacket. In the blog, let me share you with some excellent materials for an ideal heated jacket.

Graphene heating element

Graphene is the thinnest, strongest, and most flexible material, which is prominent in heating elements. As proved by experts, graphene heating element features excellent heating rate and remarkable damage-proof ability. Covered with graphene heating elements, the heated jacket can generate heat within one minute. Besides that, graphene is stronger than diamond, which is a guarantee of durability and security.

Mens 3-in-1 Heated Jacket

Venustas Men's 3-in-1 heated jacket

“This all-purpose heated jacket perfectly fits me. What surprises me first is its 5 graphene heating elements covering the chest, shoulders, and back. It’s the graphene heating element that brings me comfortable warmth in seconds. No matter where I go in winter, this jacket is my companion”, Bob said.

Carbon fiber heating element

Carbon fiber is commonly used in heating elements because of its excellent overall performance, especially its remarkable thermal conductivity. For most manufacturers, the carbon fiber heating element is the main selling point to guarantee the popularity of heated apparel. Adapting carbon fiber heating element, the heated apparel can keep the body warm within 3 minutes. It enables you to embrace the wonderful outdoor activities in freezing winter.

Womens 7.4V Heated Jacket

Women 7.4V heated jacket

“This heated jacket works perfectly as described! Its classic design wins my appreciation. It is a simple design with no other extra decoration, which shows unique simplicity and originality without compromising the good outlook. Most importantly, there is no cold anymore with 5 carbon fiber heating elements. It enables me to tuck with a warm environment”, Emily said.


Nylon, an entirely synthetic material, features water resistance, abrasion resistance, and breathability. In the heated apparel industry, nylon is the most common material to craft the outer layer. Although nylon is not performed well in thermal effect, its extraordinary water-proof ability can against water and snow to permeate the body. That’s the main reason why it is used as the shell material. Moreover, nylon is stain-resistant, which makes the heated jacket easy to care.

Mens Heated Jacket with Detachable Hood

Men’s heated jacket with detachable hood

“I bought this heated jacket as a birthday gift for my husband. He said that everything about the heated jacket is awesome, no matter the material or the design. Crafted with 100% nylon, the heated jacket is a perfect pick on rainy days or snowy days. There is no need to worry about the wet problem. Designed with a detachable hood, it provides extra protection on cold windy days”, Sara said.


Fleece, known as one of the warmest materials, is an ideal fabric for heating clothing. Most heated jackets are crafted with fleece fabric as the inner material for it is soft, skin-friendly, and insulated. With a fleece heated jacket, the winter is better than ever. In addition, fleece fabric is not easy to out of shape.

Women Zipper up Fleece Heated Jacket

Women zipper up fleece heated jacket

“This heated jacket has changed my life. I am a cleaner who has to work outside all around the year, but it is tough to do my job in winter. With this heated jacket, there are no heavy burdens and shivering feelings. One of the important features that I must mention is its fleece inner which leads me to indulge in a comfortable and warm experience”, Nina said.


Down is the known warmest material, which is regarded as the ideal material inside heated apparel. With the loose structure, the down fabric makes a heated jacket more lightweight and more comfortable.

Men 7.4V Heated Down Jacket

Men's Down Heated Jacket


“I love this heated jacket which is my best investment. The best part of this heated jacket is the inner layer. Filled with soft white duck down, the jacket not only improves the thermal effect but also ensures its breathability. It’s a nice, lightweight heated jacket with good warmth”, Mike said.

Lithium battery

Battery is an indispensable part of a heated jacket. Without a battery, the heated jacket would lose its value. On the market, lithium battery is mostly used because of large capacity, durability, and security. Compared with other types of batteries, lithium battery is safer and more reliable.

Unisex 7.4V Heated Jacket

Unisex Heated Jacket

“It is a great heated jacket with a battery pack included. The battery with upgraded capacity can main the working hour up to 9 hours at low level, which let me enjoy a nice sleep. One of the most outstanding features is the battery has dual output ports that can charge my phone and jacket at the same time. It is very convenient”, said Kathy.


In a word, a heated jacket is the best option for freezing winter rather than many layers of clothing. As the above mentioned, from graphene heating element to lithium battery, all these should be kept in mind to select the best heated jacket. Let this winter cover the warmth!


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Heated apparel 7.4V

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