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How to Choose A Heated Jacket for Travel?

by Ryviu 02 Sep 2022 0 Comments

On the winter trip, what annoys us is to wear many layers of clothing to restrict our movement and distract our attention to appreciate beauty. That’s the main reason why I seldom travel in winter. But now something has changed because of the heated jacket.

Last weekend, I took a travel trip to Canada with a heated jacket. It’s awesome to enjoy the snow beauty with no heavy burdens. Thanks to the heated jacket, I can embrace the various landscapes with comfortable warmth. So, in the blog, a heated jacket is my topic.

Why choose a heated jacket for travel?

  • Relieve the burden. For most people, one common habit is to pack a lot of clothes for winter travel. That not only squeezes the room of luggage but also increases the burden on the body. A heated jacket featuring extraordinary warmth and a lightweight design is the best solution to this issue.
  • Ensure enough warmth. Sometimes it seems the cold has always covered us even though we wear a lot of clothes. That’s the main reason why we need a heated jacket to encourage us to go outside. It is a battery-powered jacket that automatically generates heat to achieve all-day warmth even though you travel to the North Pole.

How to choose a heated jacket for travel?

Does it feature comfortable warmth?

Warmth is a key to measuring the value of the heated jacket. It means nothing to us if a heated jacket cannot provide comfortable warmth. So, it is essential to attach great importance to the heating element when choosing a heated jacket.

Heating zone

There are two concerns about the heating element. One is the material. Carbon fiber and graphene are commonly used in heating element because both features remarkable thermal conductivity. The other is the number of heated zones. Different heated jackets from different brands are designed with various heating zones. These heating zones cover the core body area like the back, shoulders, and chest. No matter what material it is and how many heating zones it has, it’s a great idea to put your need on the first place.

How long does it work?

It’s annoying that digital devices are out of work during travel, like mobile phones or tablets. That is the same as the heated jacket. It seems like you fell into hell if a heated jacket is unable to work during the trip. So, battery is the main focus in the purchase of a heated jacket.


A heated jacket is a battery-powered jacket. Its life mainly depends on the battery. But the life is various because of the battery material, battery voltage, and battery capacity. On the market, the battery life for most heated jackets almost can work up to 9 or 10 hours at the low level. If you spend several days on your trip, it is necessary to buy an extra battery.

Can I use it on rainy days or snowy days?

Venustas Heated jacket

Water-proof ability is also an important consideration. For some of us, something we try to avoid in our travel is rainy days or snowy days. It’s difficult to explore the trip in this weather because  rain and snow can penetrate our bodies. That means the shell material of a heated jacket should be valued. On the market, heated jackets with polyester shell or nylon shell receive a lot of positive feedback because both materials are performed well in water-proof ability and wind-proof ability.

Best heated jacket for travel

Venustas Mens 3-in-1 Heated Jacket

Men's 3-in-1 heated jacket

I would like to approve this heated jacket as the best companion for travel. It is made up of nylon shell and fleece inner, which guarantees the water-proof ability without compromising the warmth. Its 5 graphene heating elements keep the core body warm to bring me a comfortable travel experience. Most importantly, it can work up to 9 hours at the low level, which allows me to enjoy a nice sleep.

Venustas Womens Fleece Heated Jacket

Venustas Women's fleece heated jacket

This is a heated jacket I bought for my lover who likes it very much. What struck my lover is its excellent overall performance. It is crafted with ultra-soft fleece fabric, which enables you to live in a comfortable and warm environment. Covered with 6 carbon fiber heating elements, the heated fleece jacket has 30% larger heating panels than others. In addition, the 7.4V battery with a smaller size is easy to carry.


Travel is relaxing. Traveling with a heated jacket is relaxing and comfortable. If you plan to travel this winter, a heated jacket would be your best friend on your trip.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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