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31 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Why Choose Heated Jacket for Climbing?

Climbing has been a popular activity for people. It not only benefits our health but also closes us to nature. But there is one common problem: which climbing clothes are suitable and comfortable? It’s easy to pack shirts or sportswear for mountain climbing in summer. But it is tough in winter, especially in extremely cold areas. Many climbers always complain that heavy clothes block their climbing trip, like:

“It’s a mistake to climb the mountain in winter. Many layers of clothing restricted my movement and made me lose my nice outlook.”

“It seems that rain, snow, and wind can permeate my body through many clothes. I hate this feeling.”

“I don’t know why it is so cold at night even though I wear many clothes. That covered me a miserable sleepy night.”


To provide help, the blog recommends you one item to deal with the above problems. That’s the heated jacket.

Benefits of the heated jacket

Gown over the years, the heated jacket has been regarded as the best companion in winter. Compared with ordinary jackets, it is a battery-powered jacket that can generated heat to warm your body all day. That’s the main reason why it enjoys unprecedented popularity among people, like workers, campers, hikers, and climbers.

  • No cold anymore

It is a problem that cold is still around us even though we wear a lot of clothes in mountain. You know, the temperature in the mountain is lower than the plain, especially at night. But something can be changed with a heated jacket. It is equipped with heating elements and crafted with thermal material to cover extraordinary warmth to the whole body. That’s a warm protection in cold mountains.

Heated Jacket

  • No burden anymore

It seems like a challenge when climbing in chilly winter or cold areas. There’s no freedom and enjoyment with heavy clothes. But this challenge can be overcome by a heated jacket. The heated jacket with the light design not only enables the climbing movement more freely but also maintain your beauty in the harsh environment. In addition, a heated jacket featuring  remarkable thermal effect is enough for your climbing.

  • No annoyance anymore

Heavy clothes is the main cause of the terrible climbing experience. With the burden of heavy clothes, climbing loses its enjoyment but remains many annoyances to you, like the wet annoyance, movement annoyance, and sleeping annoyance. With the heated jacket, there is no annoyance anymore except the comfortable feeling.

Buying guide for best heated jacket for climbing

  • Heating zone

Heating zone

As its name implies, heating zone is someplace that can generate heat. It normally cover the core body area, like the chest, back, and shoulders. And some are also covered with pockets, which enables your hands to be free from cold wind. This design is more suitable for climbing in winter, which lets you no stiff hands anymore to facilitate your climbing.

  • Shell and lining material

It’s important to pick a heated jacket according to your climbing requirements. You know, sometimes unpredictable weather comes with climbing, which indicates a heated jacket with a water-resistant shell is the best option. Glancing at the market, the shell material commonly is nylon or polyester which possesses excellent water-proof and wind-proof ability. As for the lining, heat preservation material is the primary consideration, like fleece or down.

  • Battery life

Battery Life

It usually takes one or two days in the mountains. That means a heated jacket with a long-lasting battery is essential. Generally speaking, the working hours are various because it depends on the battery. Some can work up to 10 hours and some up to 16 hours.

  • Hood design

All heated jackets with different designs on the market easily let us lose our way and struggle in selection. For most climbers, a heated jacket with a hood design is the best climbing jacket. The hood design can protect the head and ears from blowing wind or cold snow, which indirectly speeds up the climbing movement.


In a word, there is nothing better than packing a heated jacket for a climbing trip. Believe a heated jacket is the perfect climbing jacket to get rid of the bulky experience and cold annoyance.


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Heated apparel 5V

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