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Why are Some People Always Cold and Others Always Warm

20 Jul 2021 0 Comments

If you always feel cold while everybody around you feels warm, it can be a frustrating circumstance. You may need to wear a coat when it seems to be cool weather for other people, or the pool water that everyone is enjoying may be too cold for you. So what exactly causes this problem? Let's find out.

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Why am I always cold?

Whatever the season is, and no matter how the weather is out there, some people are always cold while others are not. To figure out this problem, here are several main factors you should know.


Anemia means that your red blood cells are not functioning in a good way. The causes of Anemia are various, including hereditary, environmental, and nutritional causes like vitamin B12 deficiency, iron deficiency and lead toxicity. If you want to know whether you are suffering the Anemia, you can go to the hospital and do a simple blood test. Your doctor can identify Anemia through the blood test report.

Being sensitive to the temperature is a symptom of Anemia, so if you feel cold very often and can't find out why, you should consider the possibility of having Anemia. You need to obtain proper treatment for your Anemia because, without treatment, it can get worse.

Why am I always cold?

Are you a skinny person?

A common phenomenon is that thin people tend to be sensitive to low temperatures. It's well known that body fat helps to insulate our body, and the muscles help your body generate heat by metabolism. So if you are a skinny person and lacking in body fat or muscles, you may feel cold more often.

If you are this kind of person, it's very easy to solve this problem. Just move your body, get more exercise and strengthen your muscles. Besides, eat food that is rich in fat can increase your body fat. For instance, you can eat some nuts, salmon, and other meat to provide you additional fat.

Circulation problems

Those who suffer from poor circulation will often feel cold, too. Blood circulation problems can cause cold fingers and toes and can make your hands and feet look pale. One common case caused by poor circulation is Raynaud's disease, which has narrowing blood vessels. Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing these problems. Simply shaking or massaging your hands or feet is not going to help. Wear more clothes and go to see the doctor will be the best choice.

Lack of sleep

Perhaps you can notice that your body will be more sensitive to the cold air than usual when you lack sleep. Sleep is essential for all of us because it will affect the regulation of body temperature. Lacking sleep may disrupt the regulation process and then lead to hypersensitivity to cold.

Go to sleep on time not only can reduce the adverse reactions of your body but also helps to boost your Immunity.

why am I always cold ?


Women tend to have colder hands and feet than men. The female hormone estrogen contributes to this condition because it slightly thickens the blood, reducing the flow to blood vessels that supply the body's extremities. In this way, the blood flow to the fingers and toes is more likely to slow down when it is cold. As a result, women's skin is more sensitive to cold and much colder than men's skin.

why am I always cold ?


Tips for those who often feel cold

There are countless reasons to explain why one person feels cold while others feel warm. But for whatever reason, physiological or pathological, the quickest and easiest way for you to obtain warmth is wearing warm clothing. For example, wearing heated outerwear like self heating jacket or rechargeable heated vest is a perfect way for you to get extra warmth. Each of them is equipped with a well-made heating system, which can heat up within seconds, and allows you to warm up rapidly.

What's more, working out does help a lot to reduce this symptom. As the days are getting colder, you can put on heated outerwear and go out for fun. No extra layer is needed under the self heating jacket, which means you wouldn't feel bulky anymore this winter with the excellent jacket.

Why am I always cold?


For those who always feel warm, what should be paid attention to?

Though your body is not sensitive to the cold, it can still be affected by the low temperature. At that time, you will get sick and uncomfortable. To make you well-prepared for the unpredictable cold and wind, you can get yourself a piece of the rechargeable heated vest. This vest is lightweight and puffy and won't occupy too much space if you put it into your bag.

Moreover, as winter approaches, you can wear the heated outerwear. By wearing this, you can enjoy yourself outdoors more freely without concerning about the elements.

Why am I always cold?


If you're always cold, you can use your rechargeable heated vest or self heating jacket even during summertime. So, now that we have learned the factors contributing to cold sensitivity, let's try our best to fix them. Although we're not the same, we can still challenge the climate together!

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