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How to Stay Active in Winter

16 Jul 2021

Going out for hiking or jogging is easy when the weather is nice and warm. However, as winter approaches, cold air makes it harder to go outside, and it even will be a challenge for us to stick to our exercise plan. Though working out in winter is tough, it is very important for our health. This article will show you some ideas about how to stay warm and active in winter.

PS: Working out in colder temperatures can even have some advantages over summer workouts.


Clothing and Gear Choices

Being cold and wet while exercising can ruin the experience. Ensure you prepare for the weather and wear clothes appropriately. Firstly, remember to select the base layer that helps prevent moisture from your body while you sweat; this will keep you dry and cozy by keeping sweat from being cold while you stay outside. Secondly, you need to choose layers properly. Correct layering enables you to add or remove clothing according to your heat level. For instance, when you are hiking in winter, you are likely to feel hot and sweat, and you may remove the thick coat you are wearing. And once you reach the mountain top, you will begin to get cold quickly. Bundling up with layers during wintertime activities is the key to stay warm, dry, and happy.

Tips: Hard to make a decision on the proper layers? Why not try the heated outerwear? Invest in a heated winter jacket or an electric heated vest, and you can feel the exception warm offered by them. You can control the temperature of the heated item so that you don't have to put it on and off repeatedly, which means you can enjoy your activities more freely.


Fun and Easy Outdoor Activities in Winter

Obviously, everyone needs to move the body to stay fit and active. As winter is coming, you really don't want to miss these fun activities:

  • Hiking

Walking in the winter can be really beneficial for your health. A recent study shows that people burn 34% more calories when they walk in cold weather than they do in more comfortable conditions. What's more, trudging through snow or walking into the wind consumes more energy.

Tips: In order to make your hiking perfect, a well-made electric heated vest can give you warmth protection wherever you go. Just go out and have fun! It will keep you toasty till you are home.

How to Stay Active in Winter
  • Cycling

It seems like a bad idea to ride during the winter months, even for those who have ridden in the colder days many times before. Though we would admit that it's hard to beat riding around in the summertime, with sunglasses and short-sleeves, there's still a lot of fun with winter riding, including strengthening your muscles and the beautiful view in winter.

Tips: Cycling in the mountains or the morning sometimes will encounter unpredictable weather conditions. If you might be troubled by light rain or fog, a water and wind-resistant heated winter jacket is highly recommended. And always remember to wear a helmet when riding.

How to Stay Active in Winter
  • Camping

As winter approaches, the weather becomes harsher, and the daylight hours are shorter. During the winter days, going out camping can give you rewards that you just can't get any time of the year.

Tips: With some extra equipment and preparation, you can enjoy the beauty and solitude that comes with camping in the snow. For example, choose one heated outerwear or a electric heated vest for your trip, then you can enjoy the extra warmth without wearing too many layers.

How to Stay Active in Winter
  • Skiing

Nothing feels as good as the wind whistling near your ears as you slalom down the slopes in the sparkling winter sunshine. How good it is! Try skiing with your friends this winter!

Tips: While skiing, wearing a heated winter jacket can upgrade your experience. This high-quality heated outerwear allows you to move flexibly and can protect you from the elements by its tough shell. What's more important, by wearing it, you'll enjoy the warmth for up to 8 hours, throughout your whole skiing time!

How to Stay Active in Winter

Indoor Wintertime Activities

The weather conditions are always unpredictable, especially in the winter months. When you are unable to get out of the house because of the harsh environment, you can do some indoor wintertime activities:

  • Gym
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Dance

Staying active in the winter doesn't mean you have to commit yourself to high-intensity training programs that keep you at home. Simply taking a walk around the neighborhood or attending some activities both you and your friends will enjoy are easy ways to get in some light cardio. Come on! Put on your heated outerwear and move your body! Go outside and have fun!

How to Stay Active in Winter

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