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Let's Celebrate the International Day of Friendship

21 Jul 2021

There are various days to celebrate, such as anniversaries, birthdays. And on 30 July 2021, we are going to celebrate the International Day of Friendship! Come on! You should start to plan the best day for you and your friends. Keep scrolling for the ultimate list of these unique celebration ideas!


Plan a camping trip

international day of friendship gift

International Day of Friendship is meant to be spent outdoors and in the sun! Plan a camping trip that your friends will love. Find a campground with a beautiful view and get well prepared with everything needed. Carry a big tent and pack the food for you and your friends to spend in the sun. And when the night falls, you can set up a bonfire and spend the special night with happiness and joy.


Considering you are going to stay outside for one day or a couple of days, it's essential for you to bring a warm and tough heated jacket to get over the cold night and the unpredictable weather.


Make a best friend movie night

Movie night with friends is the easiest way to celebrate the day. It's a very low-effort, high-satisfaction entertainment, which allows you and your friends to watches a fun movie without going to the cinema. What you need are four things: friends, a movie, a place to watch the movie with some kind of movie-watching device, and the most important thing-snacks.


Looking for some snacks that you can eat conveniently is essential. Popcorn is an ideal, classic choice, which can make your movie time more enjoyable.


Gift, of course

Sending a gift to your friend is the best way to show your appreciation for your friendship. Whether your friend is an adult or a teenager, an outdoorsy person, or a guy who just likes staying at home, Venustas heated clothing will be the exact gift they need.

Here are some perfect items for the best gifts:

1. Classic Venustas Heated Jacket

If your friend is an active guy who loves winter sports and always spends so much time outside, a classic heated jacket is highly recommended. This puffy, lightweight, and padded heated jacket for men/women can deliver exceptional comfort, warmth without restricting body movement.


international day of friendship gift
2. Venustas Heated Jacket 3-in-1

For people who often deal with changing weather conditions, the multifunctional 3-in-1 mens/womens heated jackets are better. You can wear the fleece lining to get great comfort and warmth for the cool days. And on snowy or foggy days, you can wear the shell as lightweight waterproof layers or wear them together to keep dry and toasty.

international day of friendship gift
3. Heated Vest

For the friends who have a higher demand for flexibility, you can give them Venustas heated vest. This excellent heated vest with a v-neck is the common pick for the consumers and one of the best sellers. It's lightweight and features a water and wind-repellent finish that sheds rain and wind. Equipped with a Venustas heating system, the heated clothing is able to provide cozy warmth.

vinternational day of friendship gift
4. The Best Heated Hoodie

Venustas heated hoodie unisex, which combines comfort, fashion, and warmth perfectly, will be a practical gift! With the excellent Venustas heating technology, this heated hoodie can offer coverage both for men and women when the weather gets unpredictable.

international day of friendship gift


Let's celebrate the International Day of Friendship! Get together with your friends and express your love to them. Plan some fun activities and give them Venustas heated clothing as gifts to show your cheers to the future.


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