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What to Wear in Alaska: Layering Venustas Heated Apparel to Stay Warm

10 Jul 2023

“I have been living in Alaska for several years but I still cannot withstand the cold weather condition. It seems that there’s no summer and the temperature is always under 0℃ all seasons. I found it’s challenging to dress myself in Alaska.”

Alaska, located in the northwest corner of North America, is the biggest state in the USA with an area of 1,717,854 square kilometers. It is big as Texas, California, and Montana combined, and even bigger than some countries. Because of the vast area, the weather varies between the South and North of Alaska. Normally, the average temperature is 30℉~50℉ (-1℃~-10℃)in Southern Alaska. And when you move to the North, the weather is bitterly cold with the temperature of 0℉ (-18℃)


No matter where you live in Alaska, the weather is harsh and cold throughout the year. And it’s extremely important to keep the body warm. We found the problem “What to wear in Alaska” has received a great amount of attention. Luckily, Venustas heated apparel may be a perfect solution for many people.

Mild Spring: Venustas Heated Fleece Vest

Spring in Alaska

In spring, the weather has gradually become mild but still cool in Alaska. It’s a great time to visit Glacier Bay National Park because the glaciers start to move and melt when the temperature rises. Also, most wild animals wake up and leave their habitats to greet the spring. It provides more opportunities to see a variety of animals, especially for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

 Venustas heated fleece vest

If you have an outdoor plan to seek the beauty of spring, remember to prepare appropriate clothes for keeping the body toasty. Maybe you can try this heated fleece vest. This vest adopts 6 carbon fiber heating elements and ultra-soft fleece fabric to maximize comfortable warmth. It’s a great idea to layer it with a simple T-shirt to start your spring journey.

Cool Summer: Venustas Classic Heated Vest

Summer in Alaska

People like to visit Alaska in the summer months thanks to the cool weather and beautiful scenery. Because of the unique geographical feature, the summer in Alaska is pleasant and the days are long with mild sunlight. It’s a great time to do quintessentially Alaskan things, like boating, hiking, or fishing. Also, the weather might be a little cold in the northern area, and you need to equip yourself with a heated vest in these places.

Venustas Heated Vest

This classic heated vest is a must-have for those who plan to visit Alaska in the summer. It adopts a 100% nylon shell to enhance the water-resistant ability, which can protect you against unpredictable weather. You know, summer always gets wet in Alaska. Also, the vest is equipped with 6 carbon fiber heating elements to provide targeted warmth to the core area. The warmth is enough to beat the summer cool in Alaska.

Chilly Autumn: Venustas 3-in-1 Heated Jacket

Autmun Alaska

The autumn in Alaska is shorter, from September to October. When the temperature starts to drop, the leaves change color to create a wonderful picture. And the mountains, forests, and rivers are covered with brighter colors to reflect the charm of the fall. Also, as the summer goes away, the night becomes longer to provide the opportunity to appreciate the northern lights. Many people travel to Alaska during this time to view the spectacular sight.

 Women's 3-in-1 Heated Jacket

Catching the northern light is awesome, and don’t forget to layer clothing in this chilly season. This 3-in-1 heated jacket is an ideal choice. It has two separate layers that can be worn in three different ways: windproof shell and warm fleece. When staying at a cold night, users can wear two layers of clothing to feel comfortable warmth. And the 7.4V battery can retain the heat for up to 8-9 hours, which enables wearers to spend more time in outdoor life.

Cold Winter: Venustas Heated Fleece Jacket

Winter in Alaska

Although the winter is extremely cold in Alaska, it’s a special time that is full of various festivals, performances, and outdoor activities. The winter is longer than other seasons, typically from November to March. When winter knocks on the door, the Alaskans cannot wait to seek enjoyment and excitement. They engage in winter sports with their families, friends, or strangers, like skiing, snowboarding, or dog sledding.

Men's Heated Fleece Jacket

People would prepare professional gear to participate in winter activities. They usually consider the lightweight jacket to improve body flexibility. For example, this heated fleece jacket is a perfect companion. It is crafted with soft fleece fabric to bring users a lightweight and warm experience. Fleece is not puffy as the down fabric, which cannot let your body feel bulky during skiing or snowboarding.   


Alaska is a beautiful city that deserves to visit in our life. If you have chances, it’s advisable to make a full preparation because of the complex geographical feature. And the weather is generally cold than in other areas throughout the years. So, don’t forget to take Venustas heated apparel with you.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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