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06 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Can Heated Jackets Be Used in the Rain or Snow?

“I love this heated jacket for it’s perfectly versatile for various outdoor activities. And I plan to take it on my hiking trip in Alaska this weekend. But the weather forecast indicates the possibility of rain or snow and I wonder whether it’s OK to wear my jacket in wet weather.”

Water-resistant heated jacket

It’s hard to depend on heavy clothes to beat the cold, especially when the weather temperature is under zero. The cold weather always blocks our pace to outside and dampens our enthusiasm to do something we love. And most people thought that how nice it would be if they have a winter jacket that can provide automatic and adjustable warmth. So, heated jackets come into our life.

Heated jackets feature awesome performance to challenge the cold weather. For outdoor adventurers, a lightweight and warm heated jacket is a wise choice. Given the unpredictable weather, some of them wonder whether they can wear a heated jacket in the rain or snow. Well, please follow us to discuss the common concern: Can you wear a heated jacket in the rain?

Are heated jackets water-resistant?

Typically, heated jackets are designed for outdoor people. So, most heated apparel manufacturers take weather conditions into careful consideration and focus more on the water-resistant aspect.

Clothing fabric

Water-resistant clothing fabric

When it comes to the water-resistant ability, the clothing fabric is the most noticeable factor. Normally, heated jackets have two layers featuring different functions. The outer layer is always made form water-resistant materials to prevent the water from the inside heating elements and battery.

Nylon and polyester are common materials because both have remarkable water resistance. And some manufacturers choose to add a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating with these fabrics to completely enhance the water-resistant ability. Also, the inner layer plays a role in the water resistance while it put more attention on the warmth. Most heated jackets always adopt breathable fabric to keep the wearer dry quickly once the water permeates the inner.


Heated jacket design

Expect for the clothing fabric, heated jackets feature other detail designs to enhance water resistance. For example, the adjustable or detachable hood is functional for that it can protect the head and ears from wind, rain, and snow. And the zipper pocket is a considerate design. The battery is put in the inside pocket to prevent the water. Other pockets can store essential items such as ID cards or mobile phones. Also, most heated jackets use water-resistant YKK zippers to retain warmth and protect against moisture.  

Are heated jackets waterproof?

Are heated jackets waterproof?

There are some differences between water resistance and waterproof ability. The former means the ability to resist water but not completely prevent it while the latter highlights the ability to prevent the penetration of water entirely. Well, we can say heated jackets are water-resistant, but not waterproof.

A water-resistant heated jacket enables users to get caught in the light rain or snow without too much worry. If there is heavy rain or snow, it’s advisable to add a waterproof layer on the heated jacket to prevent any damage to the heating system.

What to do when your heated jackets get wet?

Sometimes heated jackets are easy to get wet in unpredictable rainy or snowy weather. And it’s essential to keep the apparel dry to ensure its safety and functionality.

Press the button to turn off the heated jacket

First of all, please press the power button to turn off the heating system, which prevents any damage to the battery. And then use a towel to wipe off the remaining water gently. If the water unfortunately permeates the inside layer, it’s advisable to put the heated jacket in a place with great air circulation. And remember to keep them away from the direct sunlight.


All in all, heated jackets are water-resistant to allow you to get caught in drizzle. They are not waterproof, and we suggest that users should not wear them in the heavy rain or snow.


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