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20 May 2023 0 Comments

What’s the Battery for Heated Jackets: 5V to 7.4V

“It’s awesome that heated jackets are powered by batteries to build a heated system. That’s where the main difference from the traditional jackets. And the batteries used in heated jackets are different.”

Whats a battery heated jacket?

Typically, heated jackets use battery-powered systems to change the traditional way of keeping the body warm. These battery heated jackets incorporate heating elements sewn into the inner insulation, which can quickly generate consistent heat across the body with the power of batteries. To maximize warmth and comfort, these heated elements are strategically positioned in core body areas, such as the back, chest, shoulder, and neck.


The batteries used in heated jackets normally are lithium-ion to supply the electric energy to heat up the heating elements. Lithium batteries have outstanding performance in energy density, power output, and lifespan. And they feature different voltages and capacities to be compatible with different types of heated jackets. So, what’s the actual difference between these batteries with the same function? In the following, we explore the features of two typical heated jacket batteries: Venustas 5V battery and Venustas 7.4V battery.

Feature of Venustas 5V battery

The 5V type is the first-generation battery used with Venustas heated apparel. It has a huge capacity of 10,000mAh to guarantee long-lasting warmth. And it’s designed with two USB ports (both are USB 5V/2.1A) to allow users to charge the heated apparel and other electric services at the same time. It’s a considerate design, especially for those who always stay outdoors for long periods. Also, there are two inputs: USB-A 5V/2.0A and Type C 5V/2.0A. It usually takes 6 hours to take a full charge.

5V battery

Also, the weight of the 5V battery is 5.64oz(160g), but maybe some people think it’s bulky because the battery needed to be carried in the apparel pocket.

Our customer rating: Battery life: 4.9/5   Weigh: 4.7/5   Design: 4.8/5

“Battery seems a little bulky it’s like having a cellphone in your pocket all the time.”  -- Keyes

Battery life is good, of course depends on how much you're using it. Smallest I've found which is nice. The weight is still noticeable. Overall, I would recommend it!   -- Denise

 Features of Venustas 7.4V battery

Although our 5V batteries can keep the warmth for a long time, some wearers complain they may be a little bulky and could restrict movement. To improve the wearing experience, we collect customer reviews and launch our new 7.4V battery.

7.4V heated jacket battery

The 7.4V battery is developed based on the first generation. It combines the strength of 5V batteries and compensates for the weakness. Compared with the 5V battery, the 7.4V battery only has a capacity of 5,000mAh while the lifespan is still competitive.

7.4V battery

To ensure efficient warmth, the 7.4V battery is designed with a DC (7.4V/3A) output to power more heating elements. Normally, 5V batteries can heat up 3-4 heating elements while the 7.4V power 5-6. And the 7.4V type features a smaller size, which cannot occupy more space and restrict the action. Also, Venustas has launched a new type of 7.4V battery with 4,800mAh.

Our customer rating: Battery life: 4.9/5   Weigh: 4.7/5   Design: 5/5

I purchased as an extra to the battery pack which came with the original vest. Hubby burns through two batteries most days keeping warm outside. Worth the investment!  --Toluwani Sylvester

I use this for a Venustus heated vest. It works fantastic.   --Joey Davis

Comparison of 5V battery and 7.4V battery 

5V battery vs 7.4V battery




Supported Heating Elements


Charging time


5V Battery





6-7 hours


7.4V Battery





5-6 hours




 All in all, 5V batteries have gradually been phased out and the 7.4V started to get more popularity. If you would like to buy a heated jacket, a jacket with a 7.4V battery is the best option.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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