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20 May 2023 0 Comments

Single Control vs. Double Control: Which Heated Jacket Is Better?

“As the temperature increases, may I solely activate the heating elements in the area of the back and chest?”

“I think you may need a heated jacket with double control button.”

When investing in either a single-control or double-control heated jacket, you should know the difference between them. Additionally, factors such as the living environment, local temperature conditions, and prioritized function should also be taken into consideration. The choice of the best option will ultimately depend on one's specific requirements and inclinations. In the case of individuals who always live in low-temperature conditions or experience long winters, it is adviseable to opt for the single-switch style.

What’s Heated Jackets Control System?

The control system in a heated jacket is responsible for regulating temperature and activating the heating elements. When users press the power button on the apparel, the jacket can be quickly heat up. And this system offers users the 3 temperature settings, enabling them to adjust the perfect level of warmth based on personal preferences.

Types of Heated Jackets Control Button

Venustas heated apparel has two types of control design, namely single control and double control. Therefore, in the succeeding section, we will elaborate on the distinctive characteristics of each.

Single Control

The single control button is commonly used and user-friendly mechanism in heated jacket. Typically, a small and circular button can activate all of the heating elements at the same time. There are 3 temperature settings available and each setting corresponds to a specific heating level that can be easily adjusted according to the outdoor environmental conditions.

Dual Control

Double control provides a convenient means of effectively managing and regulating various heating zones. The heat control feature of Unisex Heated Jacket includes 2 buttons that can be operated separately or together to provide either front or back warmth. Selecting the First Button triggers heating in the pockets, and left and right heat chests, while the Second Button initiates heat distribution to the neck and back region. Furthermore, pressing both buttons simultaneously enables the activation of all six heating panels for a complete warming experience.

Single vs Double, Which One Is Better?

The choice between a single-control and double-control heated jacket depends on personal preference and the specific needs of the wearer. Here's a comparison of both options:

Single control heated jacket: A single-control heated jacket usually features a heating system that are responsible for regulating all heating components within the garment. This feature can control all heating regions simultaneously, offering an uncomplicated and user-friendly option. This selection is ideal for individuals seeking a simple operating mechanism, allowing users to enjoy consistent and comfortable warmth across the whole body.

Double control heated jacket: A heated jacket equipped with dual controls offers the user the ability to independently adjust the temperature in multiple zones or segments of the garment. 

Double control design enables wearers to selectively regulate the heat level for different areas of the jacket, providing a distinct advantage for those with unique preferences or the need to conserve battery power. This versatility affords users the opportunity to tailor their experience by increasing heat in certain regions of the jacket while decreasing it in others. Be it a desire for more warmth in the chest area or less in the back or arms, a double control heated jacket delivers flexibility and personalization to enhance the user's satisfaction.


The selection between a heated jacket with a single control or a double control ultimately depends on individual preferences and specific needs. If you perfer a simple design without the need of controlling temperature in specfic areas, the single-control heated jacket is a great option. Nevertheless, opting for a double control heated jacket would provide enhanced control over the heat distribution and cater to different heating requirements.


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