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What Are Heated Gloves?

by Little Sloth 04 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Once the temperatures drop, it's time for our favorite winter activities. We're talking about skiing, ice fishing, sledding. And of course, many of us want to continue our daily outdoor activities, like running, motorcycling or simply walking our dogs. But, in order to truly enjoy these activities, you need the proper gear to keep you from freezing. In addition to a winter coat, winter boots, you will want to invest in a pair of heated gloves if you want your hands and fingers to remain warm.

What Are the Features of Heated Gloves?

"The fit and heat coverage of heated glove kept not only my hands warm on a frigid ski day, but I was so toasty I shared my gloves with my ski buddies when their hands got cold", Tom said.

  • Wrap Your Hands in Warmth

Graphene heating elements feature remarkable electrical and thermal conductivity and damage-proof ability. As it covers your 10 fingers and the back of the hands, it generates heat across the whole hand, allowing your hands to be absorbed in warmth at the same time as it chases away any cooling breeze. No more cold hands in winter!

  • Warm Lining

The interior palm and fingers on the electric gloves are reinforced with soft lambskin, making them flexible yet durable for securely grabbing objects without snagging the fabric. Their soft cotton lining was comfortable against my skin, and these thick gloves were pretty warm even before activating the heating elements.

  • Screen Touch

The heated gloves are soft and supple, making them a comfortable choice for ice skating, sledding, or hiking on a cold winter day. Last but not least by a long shot, you could swipe the screen on my smartphone while wearing the gloves, which is a plus for those who want to operate phones and tablets without taking off the gloves.

How Do Heated Gloves Work?

Venustas heated gloves come with tiny wires which are woven into the inside of the glove. These wires are run over the glove back and extend to the finger area. The 7.4V battery pack is connected to those wires to power heat, and fits in a pocket on the outside of the glove. 

When the battery is turned on, an electrical current is passed through those wires and heated up. The heat generated depends on the amount of current the battery passes to the wire, which depends on the battery set. By adjusting the battery you can adjust the temperature inside your gloves! You can easily control the temperature of your hands. Within minutes of turning the gloves to the highest heat setting, my fingers were quite warm.

Are Heated Gloves Safe?

You get the benefits now, but you are probably thinking, this sounds... dangerous?  Let me put your mind to rest here, our answer is that heated gloves are extremely safe and more importantly, they are extremely effective.  

First off, you are probably wondering if there is a risk of an electrical shock. The answer is no, in fact, if you were to touch the bare wire you won't even feel a thing.  

OK, so now you are probably wondering if they will catch on fire. (If not I'm sure you are now). Luckily, the answer is another no.  The batteries have safety features built in to shut them down in case of a short circuit, but more importantly, the battery isn't capable of bringing the fabrics to their flash point temperature (the point at which it would catch fire).


If your hands feel like blocks of ice when you shovel snow, ski or enjoy other outdoor sports, or work in a chilly office, you may have wondered if a pair of heated gloves would help. Venustas heated gloves use the traditional winter glove to keep cold temperatures away from your hands as they become increasingly popular.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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