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Can I Wash My Heated Vest?

by Little V 07 Nov 2022 0 Comments

As we can see, cold weather gear provides more opportunities to embrace more warmth in winter. Heated vest is one kind.

It’s a magic vest that can automatically heat because it is powered by a battery. That’s the main reason why it wins unprecedented approval among those who live in the harshest areas.

 Heated vest

But it remains a lot of misunderstanding, for example, many people think the heated vest cannot be washed owing to the special design being different from the traditional vest. So, we particularly write this article to answer this question.

Can I Wash My Heated Vest?

Wash heated vest

Glancing at the market, it’s easy to find many heated apparel manufacturers claim that washing is allowable. As introduced, most heated vests adopt a special water-tightness design to protect the electric elements and cable from the water. That assures you can wash the heated vest. But note no all the heated vests can be washed. Just remember to check the care instruction in the store.  

How to Wash Heated Vest?

Tips 1: Remove the battery and stored items

It’s known that a heated vest includes a battery to produce heat. But the battery is not designed inside the apparel like the mobile phone. Considering the security, the included battery can connect the inside electric cable to power the apparel. Also, if the battery is inside the apparel, maybe it cannot be washed.

Remove the battery

Before washing, it’s a must to remove the battery. As we all know, a battery is normally made of mental elements. If you forget to remove it, the battery bears the risk of leaking. It not only damages itself, but also possibly corrodes the washing machine. Although most batteries possess water-proof performance, it’s critical to remove them before washing.

Except for the battery, checking the pocket is necessary. It’s a normal to wash the clothes without checking. Sometimes it’s annoying to realize something you forget in the washing machine, like a credit card, papers or Bluetooth headset. To guarantee a better experience, it is suggested to remove the stored items before washing.

Tip 2: Wash the heated vest

Most heated vests allow hand-wash and machine-wash (Note: it’s based on the care instruction). It’s similar to traditional clothes. In hand-wash, it’s advisable to clean the strain areas with detergent carefully without serve wring and twist. Also, machine-wash provides a good way to free our hands. To protect the electric components, it’s necessary to use a mesh laundry bag and adjust a gentle cycle.

 Wash the heated vest

Hot water can effectively get rid of stubborn stains, but it is not recommended because it’s more likely to cause the damage to the heated vest. It not only easily twists the clothing shape, but also decreases the heating performance. So, it’s important to treat your heated vest with cold water. Besides that, setting a gentle cycle is a focus in machine-wash.

 Dry and store the heated vest

We normally dry our clothes with a washing machine or drying machine. But the heated vest is different owing to its special design. It needs to be air-dried, without directly exposing to the sun. You can lay it flat on a towel in someplace with good air circulation.

Dry clothes

Also, when the temperature becomes warm, a heated vest would be stored in closet. To maintain its life, it should be kept from the damp air.


All in all, it’s relaxing to wash your heated vest. No matter which heated vest you buy, please remember to read the care instruction before washing.


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