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Walk The Dog Under Warmth Protection

25 Aug 2021 0 Comments

September is approaching. Before you realize it, the days will be shorter, the temperature will start to drop, and you will be adding more clothes to prevent the fall chill.

However, low temperature also means a more difficult task for dog owners, especially those living in areas with extreme seasonal changes in weather.

While dogs like going outside and most of them don't care what the weather is like, you, a dog owner, need to get yourself well-prepared so that you can keep warm and comfortable. So if you are looking for some apparel for the coming cold days and upgrading your hang-out time with your furry friend, just read on, and you will find some inspiration.

Walk The Dog Under Warmth Protection

Your Dog Would Thank You for Wearing A Battery Heated Vest

To extend the time with your dog outsides, you need enough insulation so that you would not be troubled by the cold air. The chilly wind wouldn't last too long during fall, but it still can beat you up in the early morning and night. So in order to help you get through the morning chill and avoid sweating when the temperature goes up, a battery heated vest is highly recommended.

Walk The Dog Under Warmth Protection

This rechargeable heated vest is equipped with Venustas' excellent heating panels, which can heat you within seconds while still being lightweight. And when the air gets warmer, you can turn it off. After being turned off, this vest can act exactly like your normal vests- warm yet not too hot and won't go you sweaty. With this vest, you and your dog are going to spend more time and enjoy more activities outside.


A Self Heating Jacket for The Colder Days

Sometimes the days get super cold, even in fall. If you want to fight the chill on the late fall days or the coming winter days, our advice is a self heating jacket.

Walk The Dog Under Warmth Protection

In addition to the chilly wind, this wind and water-resistant jacket can also prevent you from unpredictable elements, making it great coverage when you are outdoors. What's more, working with the long-lasting battery, this lightweight self heating jacket can deliver heat for up to 8 hours. It's good at insulating. When you feel hot after running with your furry friend, you can turn it off to avoid sweating while keeping warm and comfortable.


Save Your Cold Fingers with Venustas Heated Gloves

When you are holding a leash in freezing temperatures, you'd need some gloves that can keep your fingers from getting frostbite and let them keep a strong grip on the leash. Moreover, you are going to use your hands very often because there will be a lot of time where you will need to clear debris from your pup's fur and pick it up after them. You would have to move your hands quickly and then put them in the insulated gloves.

Walk The Dog Under Warmth Protection

Venustas heated gloves are tough, water-resistant, and self-heating. By wearing them, you are able to heat up your fingers in seconds and keep your hands safe from unpredictable trauma.


Walk Your Dog in Fall with Venustas Heated Outerwear

Fall is approaching. While the dropping temperature might keep you indoors, your dog still needs to keep his walking routine. Besides, sticking to regular walks will help you and your dog avoid gaining pounds during the chilly months. On cold days, Venustas  can give you multiple options on heated outerwear such as self heating jacket, battery heated vest, heated hoodie, and heated coat.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself well-prepared withe the warmth protection and go out with your cute friend!


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