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24 Aug 2021 0 Comments

Packing List: Travel to Alaska

Wild, natural and free, Alaska is beyond an incredible place. It's a lovely place, with wide-open fields, incredible wildlife and friendly people. Whether you are coming to see Alaska's magnificent mountains, rivers and glaciers, you will make unforgettable memories there.

Go to Alaska, learn the cultures, the history, and experience the marvelous northern lights. Get yourself well-prepared with this ultimate Alaska packing list and adventure this fantastic place. Your journey starts here.

Packing List: Travel to Alaska

Alaska Packing List: Clothing

You can always enjoy the extraordinary view all year round. The best time to visit Alaska is summer when there are less rainy and more sunny days. And when August is over, the winter season begins. The weather will be colder, and snow sometimes, especially in the mountains. However, it's still a wonderful time for you to visit. Thus, to keep you warm and safe on chilly days, remember to upgrade your clothing.

- Insulated Jacket

You will never go wrong with a versatile jacket. A thick jacket can keep you warm and prevent your body from the snow and biting wind. And of course, you'd need a jacket that is water-resistant and breathable to keep dry and warm during rainy days. For reference, Venustas heated jacket can be your best option.

Packing List: Travel to Alaska

This self heating jacket is lightweight and insulated and can be your perfect cover for most days. And when the environment gets colder, you can turn it on to activate the heating system to get extra warmth.


- Vest for Additional Warmth

The weather in Alaska often gets unpredictable, especially in winter. So if your visit Alaska on freezing days, you need to bring more clothes for insulation. Under this circumstance, a piece of Venustas rechargeable heated vest can help. Wear this heated vest under your self heating jacket can help you maintain your body heat efficiently and warm you up in seconds when you turn it on. What's more, this rechargeable heated vest is portable and thin, so it won't take much space when you put it into your backpack.

Packing List: Travel to Alaska

Alaska Packing List: Accessories

In addition to clothing, some accessories can also contribute to an unforgettable journey. Bring some items that can protect your organs and extremity is essential. If you want to know the list, just read on.

-Heated Gloves

You would need a pair of gloves to save your cold fingers on this trip. Wool and cotton can provide warmth on sunny days and is useless on snowy days. So it would be best if you had a pair of gloves that are insulated and water-repellent. Venustas heated gloves are the gear that you cannot miss.

The self-heating gloves are equipped with excellent Venustas heating panels and can heat your finger within seconds. They are tough, water-resistant, and can deliver extra warmth whenever you need them.

Packing List: Travel to Alaska

-Warm Hat

Since it's cold out there, a winter hat is necessary for your luggage. Whether you prefer beanies with pom-poms or you're looking for lined options with ear flaps, the warm winter hats will keep you cozier. And look out for caps made of wool and fleece to help you reach peak warmth.


A good travel scarf is another secret weapon on the road. It doesn't take up much space, but it can serve as countless roles beyond simply keeping your neck warm.


Alaska Packing List: Must-have Personal Items

- ID Card & Passport

- Medical Insurance Card

- Cash & Credit Card

- Emergency contacts


Alaska Packing List: Self Protection

- First Aid Kit

- Medication

- Painkiller

- Travel Insurance

- Power Bank


For most travel enthusiasts, Alaska is a place that they must explore. So if you enjoy travel and want to challenge yourself, you should not miss Alaska. At the end of August, seize the opportunity and go there with your adventurous spirit. But before you start, remember to read this ultimate packing list and bring your extraordinary heated clothing- Vnustas self heating jacket and rechargeable heated vest.


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