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Venustas Heated Jacket Manual 2023: Comprehensive Guide and Instructions

05 Jun 2023

With the increasing demand for comfort, heated jackets have been continually developed and gradually replace traditional down jackets in people’s minds.

You know, the down jackets we used to wear fail to provide sufficient warmth in the extremely cold weather, and some of them are even bulky to restrict movement. To address the issue, heated apparel starts to emerge and gain unprecedented popularity. And there are a variety of heated jackets available on the market, which cares to various styles and preferences.

Venustas heated jacket

Venustas heated jacket is one of the great options for those who seek both warmth and lightweight comfort on cold days. So, would you like to pick one? In the blog, our goal is to cover everything about the Venustas heated jacket manual.

Overview of Venustas heated jacket


 Women's Heated Long Down Jacket

There are different types of heated jackets available to meet various needs and improve customer satisfaction. For example, Venustas 3-in-1 heated jacket is specially designed for changeable weather because it can be worn in 3 different ways. Also, for those women who always feel cold on the bottom of their bodies, Venustas design a women’s long down heated jacket to suit their needs.

Heating elements.

Heating elements

There are two types of heating elements in Venustas heated jackets. One is carbon fiber, the other is graphene. Both are commonly used in heated jackets thanks to their remarkable thermal conductivity, effective heat distribution, and safety material. Also, most heated jackets adopt 5-6 heating elements, typically covering the back, shoulders, chest, pockets, and neck.

Clothing fabric.

Heated Jacket clothing fabric

Considering the intended purpose, the fabrics used in heated jackets are different. The outer shell of such a jacket focuses on the water-resistant and wind-resistant aspects. So, nylon and polyester are commonly used in the shell of heated jackets to protect wearers from wind and water. And thermal materials like fleece or down are great options for the inner layer.


Venustas heated jackets are powered by two types of battery: 5V battery and 7.4V battery. But as the heating technology develops, 7.4V batteries have already replaced the 5V.

How to use Venustas heated jacket?

Don’t worry. It’s easy to use Venustas heated jacket and feel unprecedented warmth with the following simple steps.

  1. Please insert the power cable of the battery into the apparel, and the power button would flash in white/red/blue, and finally it would turn off.
  2. If you would like to turn on the jacket, please connect the battery to the apparel and press the power button for 3-5 seconds. Firstly the power button could blink red for pre-heating and then the light would automatically turn white.
  3. To adjust the warmth, please press the power button to control the heating setting (Red: high level/White: medium level/Blue: low level)
  4. To turn off the heated jacket, please press the power button for 3-5 seconds and you will see the flight turn off.

How to maintain Venustas heated jacket?

It’s crucial to maintain the heated jacket properly to ensure optimal performance and extend the lifespan. Here are some important tips that you should keep in mind.

Wash Heated Jacket


  • Before washing, please remove the battery and put your apparel in the laundry bag. If there are some stubborn stains, please put the jacket in the water with mild detergent for several minutes.
  • Hand-wash and machine-wash are allowed. When washing, please don’t use extremely hot water to prevent the damage of heating elements.
  • Do not bleach, wring, or twist the heated jacket.


  • Air dry is advisable. Users can flat the heated jacket on the towel, which can absorb excess moisture without damaging the heating elements.
  • Don’t put the jacket in the dryer.


Heated Jacket FAQs

How long does the heated jacket last?

7.4V heated apparel: 3-4 hrs on high/4-5 hrs on medium/8-9 hrs on low

5V heated apparel: 4-5 hrs on high/5-6 hrs on medium/9-10 hrs on low

Are heated jackets safe?

Yes, Venustas heated jackets are safe to wear thanks to the advanced heating technology.

Are heated jackets waterproof?

No, heated jackets are not completely waterproof because of the inside heating elements. But we use water-resistant material in the shell of a jacket to prevent unpredictable weather.

How warm does heated jackets?

There are 3 adjustable heating levels: 130℉/55℃ on high, 113℉/45℃ on medium, and 95℉/35℃ on low.



All in all, Venustas heated jacket manual provides comprehensive guide and instructions for wearers. Believe our users have already known how to use and maintain their jackets. If you also would like to buy a heated jacket, Venustas heated jacket is a great choice.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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