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What’s the Control System of Heated Jackets?

01 Jun 2023 0 Comments

“It’s awesome that I can feel the different level of warmth when I wear my heated jacket. The functional control system can deal with unpredictable weather, especially for places where the temperature fluctuates between day and night.”

Less warmth is always a headache when the temperature suddenly drops, especially when you go out without extra clothes. If you also have such a problem, a heated jacket is a great solution.

Heated Jacket Control System

Can a heated jacket provide efficient warmth? Of course, a heated jacket uses advanced heating technology to produce outstanding warmth in a few seconds. Well, this blog aims to introduce the control system of heated jackets to cover the technology behind them.

Whats the control system in heated jackets?

The use of the control system in heated jackets revolutionizes the way we keep ourselves warm. So, what’s exactly the control system? And how does it work?

Heating elements

Heating elements

It’s heating elements that are woven into the fabric to generate heat across the body. These heating elements are strategically placed in the core areas to provide maximum warmth. And the most used material in heating elements is carbon fiber because it features remarkable thermal conductivity to effectively distribute heat. Also, it’s said that these heating elements in heated jackets are safe to use, which can withstand complex weather conditions.

Temperature settings

Temperature setting

By pressing the power button, wearers can turn on the heated jacket and adjust the warmth. Typically, most heated jackets are designed with 3 adjustable heating settings (low, medium, and high) to distribute different levels of warmth and regulate the body temperature. This feature is great for sudden temperature changes, which can prevent someone from the cold.

Power bank


Most heated jackets are battery-operated, and they include a power bank to heat up the heating elements. These batteries can be recharged, which is environment-friendly and convenient. Users can use the battery overtime without the need for constant replacement. And lithium-ion batteries are commonly used to power the jacket because they are functional, stable, and safe. Also, heated jackets are typically designed with a pocket to store the battery.

Types of control system

Not all heated jackets use the same heated system to generate heat. And there are different types of control system to turn on the heated jacket.

Single control vs Dual control

It’s easy to find that most heated jackets are designed with a single button to control heating elements. That’s to say, when users press the power button, all heating elements can be heated up at the same time to provide warmth. It’s a simple and easy way to enable the heat to distribute to the core areas evenly.

Dual control of heated jackets

On the other side, dual control indicates that there are 2 heat-control buttons in heated jackets to heat up the heating elements separately or together. It’s a considerate design that gives users more flexibility to adjust the desired warmth for a specific heating area.

Manual control vs Bluetooth control

Manual control is the most common controlling way in heated jackets. It’s easy to use with the power button. Users just need to connect the battery and press the button by hand, and then the heating elements can be heated up in a few seconds.

Bluetooth control of heated jackets

Compared with manual control, Bluetooth control is flexible and convenient to adjust the heating setting. Some advanced heated jackets are integrated with a specially designed app to control and adjust the heating setting remotely. You should activate the phone’s Bluetooth and simply pair it to your heated jacket, and then you can easily adjust the heat.


All in all, a control system is crucial for heated jackets. With the control system, the heated jacket can generate heat simply and distribute adjustable warmth. And users can feel the warmth they need based on the weather conditions and temperature setting.


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