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Our Partnership with EverWild Forest School: Give Teaching Warmth

20 Mar 2023 0 Comments

We are Venustas, a heated apparel brand, founded in 2018. It’s a romantic brand that starts with an idea of heated jacket that can provide warmth to set the lover’s beauty in a harsh environment. That’s where the 7.4V heated jacket comes in. Just 5 years after our start, we have constantly developed new offerings to make our users can depend on.


At Venustas, what we do is to make heated apparel with guaranteed quality, functionality, and safety for all walks of life. We believe that keeping warm and comfortable without bulk in cold winter is an expectation for people. And we always contribute to bringing this sense of warmth to everyone through various activities instead of limiting to selling.

This time we establish a new partnership with EverWild Forest School. It’s a meaningful step for us because it not only represents our welfare responsibility but also spreads warmth to a new area.

EverWild Forest School

EverWild Forest School, a nonprofit forest school, provides a series of outdoor education programs to foster the children’s curiosity about nature and connect the relationship between them. These programs are based on outdoor play and exploration to create a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for children. It not only encourages children to learn useful skills through various fun activities, but also cultivates a love for nature that will last in their whole life.

EverWild Forest School

Also, not only the free tuition fee, EverWild Forest School also provides a scholarship program to help those children who have a poor background and give them more opportunities to get a better education.

Our Partnership


Partnership always is a good way to promote the brand. We establish the partnership with EverWild Forest School not only to create an ideal teaching environment for teachers, but also to let more people know more about our brand.


Also, one thing that we always pursue and develop is the brand responsibility rooted in the customers and society. Cooperating with education organizations provides us with opportunities to combine social responsibility and brand strategy. And we hope this partnership can help us to get more cooperation opportunities with other organizations.


As part of this partnership, we donate 19 pieces of women’s heated vest 5V to the EverWild Forest School to keep teachers warm during outdoor teaching in cold months.

Women's Heated Vest 5V

Our women’s 5V heated vest combines an excellent heating system, lightweight fabric, and considerate design, making it perfect for those who work outside or engage in outdoor activities in freezing. This vest uses carbon fiber in heating elements that can generate heat quickly and evenly across the core body area. And it adopts a special new sliver mylar thermal lining to keep the body warm for long periods. Also, the 5V battery supports the heated vest to work up to 8-9 hours.

Women's Heated Vest 5V

It’s an ideal heated vest for outdoor teaching in cold weather, no matter in heating performance or in fabric comfort level.


We can say this partnership is a win-win situation. For EverWild Forest School, teachers get rid of cold issues while teaching in the cold outdoors. Also, they have more concentration and energy to interact with children. We know staying in low temperatures for a long time is not beneficial to do anything.

For Venustas, it’s a good opportunity to promote our brand in the teaching area. And we also receive a video from the school, showing teachers wear our heated vests to teach and play with happy children. Also, this partnership represents the responsibility of our brand to education. We hope we can create a warm teaching environment for every teacher and raise the importance of outdoor education. Finally, this cooperation shows one side of the reliability of our brand, making it easy get the trust of customers and improve our position in market compared with other competitors.


We would like to appreciate that EverWild Forest School gives us this cooperation opportunity and the important work they do for the children. Moreover, we will constantly develop more products that are accessible to more areas to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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