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Olympic National Park Summer Travel Guide 2022

16 Jun 2022 0 Comments

“Olympic National Park with spectacular scenery impresses me. I believe that one who fails to reach the Olympic National Park is not a hero.”

Located in the Olympic Peninsula of northwest Washington State, Olympic National Park as one of the World Cultural Heritage sites encompasses a variety of ecosystems and landscapes, keeping you coming back for more. Most people maintain an idea that it is a pity in their lives if they cannot visit Olympic National Park as a precious gift given to us by the nature. So, are you ready to take a trip to this diverse park? We highly recommend that summer is the best time for you to enjoy the beauty of the park. In this Olympic National Park travel guide, you will get a detailed strategy about tour preparation and discover some enjoyable places.

Olympic National Park

How to prepare before visiting?



We all know it is a universal phenomenon that there are many convenience stores and restaurants around the scenic spots, but it is still necessary to take some food just in case.

Usually, it takes several days to visit the Olympic National Park, making you consume an enormous amount of physical energy. So, water and sugar like chocolate as the sources of our lives are the essential food during travel. In addition, you can take some snacks like biscuits or chips to counter the hunger.


heated jacket

Most people think that there is no need to pack thick clothes when traveling in summer. But this is a wrong idea.

In the summer, the temperature in Olympic National Park is unpredictable because of the complex terrain. Sometimes the temperature can drastically fall below 10 degrees. To prevent this, we suggest that you should take some winter clothes. But some people complain that taking more clothes would burden them. So, we highly recommend that a heated jacket is your perfect choice. It not only keeps you warm in cold weather but provides adequate protection against wind and water.

Other items


Most importantly, you should prepare a map of Olympic National Park to plan the travel route and avoid getting lost. In addition, camera is a significant item for travel. You can take the beautiful scenery along the way and record your mood. And don’t forget to buy the ticket in advance because summer is the most popular season for people to the park.

Where to stay in Olympic National Park?


In summer, camping is a great idea to stay in Olympic national park for most people for the reason is that camping allows you to be more in touch with nature. There are 16 campgrounds in the park and you can choose whatever you like. In addition, lodges and cabins are your ideal options if you want to stay in a comfortable room. These accommodations have their unique styles that give you a special living experience.

What things to do in Olympic National Park?


 Lake Crescent

In Olympic National Park, Lake Crescent is a wonderful place to go fishing in summer for most people, especially the elderly. With blue sky, clear water, and high mountains, you can throw yourselves to relax and indulge in a quiet environment when fishing. Moreover, there are some classic cabins by the lake, allowing you to enjoy dinner with your friend after fishing.



Hiking is a good way to have a good sight of the Olympic National Park. You can walk through the Hoh Rain Forest to feast your eyes on all kinds of plants. You can go to the Rialto Beach to collect various strangely shaped stones. You also can reach Hurricane Hill to see the sights of mountains. From forest to the hill, the magnificent view will become an unforgettable picture in your mind.


 Lake Ozette

Summer is a suitable season for boating in Olympic National Park because the water temperature in other seasons is bitterly cold. You can visit Lake Ozette by boating to enjoy its diverse landscape. If you go boating at dusk, the setting sun sheds a golden light over the lake, making you feel that you are in an awesome picture.

When traveling the Olympic National Park, you should make good preparations and do a careful travel plan including routes, accommodations, etc. Now, take this travel guide about Olympic National Park to start your journey!


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