5 Best Places to Travel in Summer 2022

“Summer is around the corner and I plan a trip with my friends this summer. But we still have not decided on the travel destination. Do you know where to travel this summer and  have any enjoyable places recommended?”

Summer travel is a great idea for us to relax after a long work. But some people complain that summer is so hot that they would rather work in an air-conditioned office than travel. It seems their concern is reasonable but staying indoors for a long time is bad for our health. To address this problem, the blog will guide you to some places that are suitable for summer travel.

Summer Travel

Best places to travel in summer


Summer is the best season to visit Seattle because there are numerous events held all over the city. In summer, you can experience the happiness of various festivals and enjoy a variety of music in concerts. In addition, the average summer temperature in Seattle is about 20 degrees, which provides you with a comfortable travel experience.


In Seattle, there are many beautiful attractions, enjoying great popularity around the world. When comes to Seattle travel, people believe that the first major attraction you have to visit is Space Needle, one of the most outstanding landmark buildings in Seattle. Standing on the Space Needle, you can see the whole city to indulge in the charm of the city.


Located at the northwest shore of Lake Ontario, Toronto is a culturally diverse city attracting a lot of people from all over the world to experience its passion and beauty. We all know it might be a pain if you visit Canada in the winter. But summer is completely different because of the balmy weather.

Toronto Island

If you want to look for a quiet place to relax your mind,  is a perfect choice. Riding a bike is a fun way to get to the Island, which allows you can get in touch with nature. There are many wonderful things that you can do on the island, including picnicking, kayaking, sunbathing, and so on.


Most people say that you must go to Vancouver at least once during summer in your life not only for its pleasing weather but also for various local customs. Every summer, thousands of tourists come from different countries congregate in the city.

 Stanley Park

For most people, as one of the most famous urban parks in the world is a top travel place in Vancouver. Covered an area of 405 hectares, the park is larger than Central Park, which enables you can enjoy a variety of activities like exploring the forest, swimming at the beach or playing at the amusement park. In addition, many totem poles as a symbol of culture are standing in the park, which has become a memorable place to take photos for most people.


Moscow as the capital city of Russia is an international metropolis, enjoying a great reputation for its long history and local unique culture. For those who live in Moscow, it is the best time to earn money in summer because summertime is the travel season.

Red Square

If you have the opportunity to visit Moscow, you will find that one of the most prominent features of the city is the uniqueness of its architectural style. Red Square, regarded as one of the oldest squares in the world, is an adjacent historical building showing the wisdom of the architects and workers. Walking through the Red Square, you have an illusion of living in the old time.


Venice is a perfect pick if you plan to travel to Europe this summer. In recent years, Venice as a water town has become a popular summer getaway destination for most people.


Surrounded by water, Venice built for romantic are mainly made up of canals, bridges, and churches. In Venice, one of the best places to avoid summer heat is Venice Lido. With the blue sky and fresh air, you can go there to lie on the beach and enjoy the cool breeze.

Practical travel tips

To help you enjoy the travel better, we make a list of some important travel tips.

1. Get some knowledge of the travel place ahead of the time, like weather, local customs, security situation and so on.

2. Remember to place all important documents on your carry-on bags, like identity cards or visas.

3. Take some thick clothes like a heated jacket in case of the weather becomes cold in some high-dimensional cities.

4. Don’t forget to bring a first-aid case that might be useful during the travel.

5. Be vigilant during travel and don’t tell strangers about your private information.

All in all, summer is a perfect time for you to pack the luggage and start your journey. Now, pick a place you like, walk out of the air-conditioned room, make a good preparation and enjoy your best summer travel!


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