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How to Stay Warm While Hunting

30 Jun 2021

Winter offers some of the best hunting opportunities of the year. But since it takes place in an open field with a super cold temperature that is below 32.0℉, hunters are faced with the problem of getting frozen all the time. This article will show some tips about how to stay warm when hunting in cold weather.

How to Stay Warm While Hunting

Your cord body is the most important part

Hunting in a freezing environment is challenging. If you didn't protect yourself well, you might get into trouble with some side effects caused by low temperatures, such as frostbite and rheumatism. And the worse thing is, a person exposed to a cold environment for a long time has a risk of dying from hypothermia.

  • Protect your head & neck

Safeguarding your cranium is vital since the head is one of the most important parts of your body. Moreover, the blowing cold wind will cause a serious headache and take some of your body heat, so it's necessary to cover your head and neck when you're hunting by wearing hat and scarf. Moreover, you can wear a hunting jacket with hood. By doing this, you will save heat and feel more comfortable while the possibility of getting frostbite will decrease.

How to Stay Warm While Hunting
  • Put on hunter jacket

Noting can prevent the cold as efficiently as a well-made hunter jacket. A good hunting jacket makes it possible to regulate your body temperature. If you get too warm, you'll sweat, which is quite dangerous because perspiration can actually make you colder when the sweat evaporates. Timely adding and removing your outerwear are so important. You will be more comfortable and find more targets. To upgrade your hunting journey, wearing the Venustas heated mens jacket is a smart option. It is lightweight, long-lasting, and can provide exceptional warmth without extra layers. What’s more, this hunter jacket allows you to adjust the temperature (low, medium, high) according to the weather conditions without repeatedly putting it on and off.

Another thing you should know is do not choose cotton shirts that have an excellent ability to absorb liquid as your basic layer. If you wear a cotton shirt when you are hunting and sweat, you might be wrapped in a wet cloth.


Bring your gloves

How can a hunter go without a pair of gloves? Fingers are the furthest parts from your heart. They are typically the first body parts to get cold, and they take longer to recover from the biting chill. So don't forget to bring a pair of gloves to safeguard your fingers.

Also, hand muff is highly recommended for cold fingers or for those who hate wearing gloves. You can keep your hands in the hand muff when you are hanging around. After your hands are warm and toasty, you can pull them out and make a perfect shot.

How to Stay Warm While Hunting

Eat regularly

Waking up 5 minutes earlier to eat breakfast can make you full of energy and feel warmer. Prepare yourself a nutritious breakfast, eat enough carbohydrates and protein. And remember to take some energy bar with you in case you will get hungry when you are in the woods.


Water, warm water

Stay hydrated is essential when you are outdoors, especially in the chilly fields. You need proper fluid levels to help heat up the cold air that entered your body so that it won't lower your core temperature.


Utilize boot covers

The secret to keeping your feet warm is utilizing boot covers. Designed to wear over your boots, they trap in all the heat and will actually keep your feet warm from day to dark. So after you pack up the boots and socks, you can buy some boot covers. They are lightweight and require a little space to put in the package.


Avoid sweating

Perspiration can be dangerous. As the temperature gets lower, the sweat will freeze.  When you are chasing your targets, consider removing your hat, opening your outerwear, and you can remove a layer or two until you are back. In this case, the hunter jacket would be helpful. Crafted with a breathable fabric, this hunting jacket provides more comfort for you. The heated mens jackets features a water-resistant finish that prevents snow and rain, and it's equipped with an extraordinary heating system to provide you warmth.

How to Stay Warm While Hunting

Staying warm isn't just about comfort. It is about keeping you safe and sound. Read the tips above carefully and get yourself well-prepared and then embrace the wild.  

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