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How to Keep Warm on Construction Site

by Venus X 05 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Cold weather and longer night are the typical signs of winter. For construction workers, the working condition will be harder due to the harsher elements. However, no matter how cold the weather will be, projects need to be finished and work still needs to be done. Here are 8 tips for construction workers to stay warm when working in a chilly environment.

1. Bundle up with layers

Staying bundled up is the first step to maintain body temperature at a normal level. And when it comes to construction workers, the key to choosing clothing is to find the appropriate layers.

How to Keep Warm on Construction Site
  • Base layer matters

We know that construction work requires a lot of physical strength, and will lead you to sweat constantly even in the freezing winter. So it's important to choose an appropriate base layer that can dry quickly otherwise you will get frozen by the cold and wet clothes.

Unlike cotton that will soak up moisture and draw heat away from the body leaving the wearer cold and uncomfortable, Polyester base layers are more helpful. They are quick-drying, lightweight, and will wick away moisture from the skin to keep you dry. So it's a good option for you the choose polyester underwear or shirts as your first layer.

  • Construction worker jacket

Construction worker jacket is the main item to keep you warm and safe while working. A well-made mens work jacket makes it possible to keep you warm without restricting your movement. Venustas heated jacket for men is highly recommended. This well-functional mens work jacket is lightweight, practical, and tough. It equips with a water and wind-resistant shell so that you can stay dry and comfortable as usual on snowy and windy days. What's more, this long-lasting working jacket can work up to 8 hours, perfect for a long-time outdoor mission.

How to Keep Warm on Construction Site
  • Additional layer: vest

This layer can be the middle layer of extra warmth for those who can't stand the low temperature. And you can also wear it as the outer layer when days are warmer, or just take it off. Venustas heated vest mens is your best choice. It's versatile and snug. Considering the different weather conditions, you can wear it under your heated work jacket or other common construction work jacket.

How to Keep Warm on Construction Site

 2. Safeguard your neck and head

While work jacket and the layers help to protect the body, scarves and headgear are perfect for keeping the face, neck, and chest warm. Making sure these areas are not exposed can help prevent illness and maintaining good body condition.


 3. Keep your hands warm

A perfect pair of gloves can be your helpful assistant. The gloves need to be thick but not too bulky, made of the coziest material, and what's more important, they are expected to keep your fingers warm and can war up your cold fingers quickly.

How to Keep Warm on Construction Site
4. Feet, feet, feet

For outdoor workers, socks should be chosen carefully. To keep the feet warm, woolen socks are essential. But for the warmer days or when your feet are easy to sweat, a pair of cotton socks can be a better choice.

How to Keep Warm on Construction Site
5. Stay hydrated

Our body loses moisture all day, every day, through respiration, perspiration, and bodily function, regardless of the temperature outside. However, when the days are getting colder, we tend to sweat less. And without sweat as an indicator, you might not realize you need to drink to replenish fluids. So always remember to drink water when you take a break.

How to Keep Warm on Construction Site
6. Eat a warm lunch

Hot food is a good idea when you are cold. Heat your food before eating if there's a microwave around. And you can also invest in a well-insulated flask or two so that you are able to drink or eat something hot like hot water, soup, or stew.


 7. Invest in portable heaters

It's obvious that you cannot take a huge and heavy heater to the construction site as it requires a large space and will be a burden for work. Instead, you can invest in some heaters that are smaller and portable. For instance, you can stick some small heating pads on the lining of your work jacket, in this way you can get extra warmth for 1-2 hours until they cool down.

To get a longer time of warmth, you can put on the mens work jacket with heater. Simply turn on the power and then you can enjoy the consistent warm up to 8 hours.


 8. Pay attention to the signs relate to hypothermia

Pay attention to your body condition, especially in a super cold environment. The most dangerous situation in the low-temperature environment is getting hypothermia, which is fatal to human. So keeping an eye out for signs of hypothermia is essential.

Signs relate to hypothermia include someone that's shivering, seems disoriented, or is struggling to breathe. If you have any of the symptoms above or you notice someone does, then make sure to call for help as soon as possible.

Working outside in winter is really tough. No matter how much work you need to complete, keeping in safe is always the highest level task. We hope this article can be helpful to keep you warm as well as boost your productivity.


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