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How to Choose Heated Jackets?

31 May 2021 0 Comments

The purpose of a heated jacket is to keep you as warm as possible, but there isn't a definite perfect piece of battery heated jacket as both the temperature and using conditions change from time to time. For instance, the fleece heated jackets, which cannot provide water-resistant protection, won't be as useful as expected on foggy days when you are spending time in the mountains for hiking. So you'll have to pick up a few different pieces to meet your need in different weather conditions.


Benefits of Heated Jacket

Increase Overall Performance: Flexibility and dexterity are luxurious things in winter. Battery heated jackets can prevent cold winds and generate the exceptional warmth you need, which can keep your muscles in a comfy condition and allow better flexibility.  

Extra Warmth without Extra layers: With the heating system, a well-made battery heated jacket will deliver extra warmth without extra layers. The lining, which has good thermal conductivity and insulation performance, provides extra warmth when powered on and is good at keeping body heat when powered off.

Pain Relieve: People that suffer from joint inflammation or an aging body understand how the cold can rapidly change a good day right into a negative one. Offering heat constantly, electric jackets are wonderful alternatives for those who are seeking to relieve pains triggered by the cold.



What Makes Heated Jackets Different from Regular Jackets?

Jackets have been almost the same for hundreds of years—thick and insulated layer that holds in enough heat for you to stay warm. But things are different when it comes to heated jackets. It's obvious that a battery heated jacket has a battery, which means it can generate heat by itself. And it can provide long-lasting warmth protection wherever you need it, even if in the super cold area, where the heat generated by your body is not enough to keep you warm. Moreover, designed for outdoor activities, electric jackets are more breathable and versatile, perfect for those who have to spend long periods still in the cold: construction workers, security guards, hunters, skiers, and more.



Types of Battery Heated Jackets

Electric jackets come in different types of main materials such as fleece, down, and polyester. Jackets designed for harsher weather tend to use the latter, as they are tougher against the elements, whereas jackets designed for daily activity and sports typically use a fleece/down for more dexterity and less weight.

And in order to meet everybody's needs for heat, the location of heating panels may vary.

The classic jackets have 4 heating panels on them: left&right abdomen, mid-back, and collar. Others may have 5: left&right shoulders, left&right abdomen, and mid-back.


Finding the Right Size

To get the right fit, your electric jacket should cover your body including your wrists and your neck. They also shouldn't be too oversized for you either, as this can cause heat loss. Avoiding the problems mentioned is quite easy. Just read the size guide and follow the steps correctly, you will find the apparel that perfectly fits you.

We hope you will find our guide useful. If you'd like to learn more about Venustas heated apparel, read our other guides, including:

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