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23 Mar 2023 0 Comments

How Much are Heated Jackets?

“Are heated jackets expensive?”

“Well, I’m not sure, but I think it costs more than a traditional jacket.”

With constantly developing, heated jackets come with functional performance and various styles to open up a massive market. It’s one kind of fantastic outerwear built with an adjustable heating system to keep the body warm. That’s why it gets the top position in the cold-weather gear list.

 Heated Jacket

People like the quick and lost-lasting warmth powered by a heated jacket. So, the heating elements and battery are what the users are always concerned about. Also, the price is one of the main considerations because it involves the product value, product comparison, budget, etc,. Since we have often discussed the heating system, today we’ll focus on the price of a heated jacket.

Factors affecting the price of heated jackets

Heated jackets differ in price because of various factors. Here we conclude as following:

Price of heated jacket

Brand. Simply say, different brands have different targeted audience. Some focus on the high-end market, some stay on the mid-range market while others start with the low-end market. If one brand defines its products mainly serve upper-class people, the price is at a high level. Instead, the product price is somewhat affordable in the low-end market.

Heating technology. It’s a core value for a heated jacket. Not all heated jackets use the same heating technology. As we can find, most heated apparel manufacturers use carbon fiber or graphene heating technology to maintain product performance ahead of other competitors. On the other side, some manufacturers targeting the low-end market are more likely to use low-cost technology, like milk fiber.

Heated Zones

Heating zones. Heating zones are somewhere covered with heating elements to provide warmth. The number of heating zones is different based on the jacket design, heating system, and battery. For example, some heated jackets with 7.4V batteries could use 5-6 heating elements while the 5V battery only could support 3-4 heating areas. That’s to say, the former costs more than the latter.

Fabric. Sometimes we can guess the price from the used fabric. High-quality materials always are soft, skin-friendly, comfortable, durable, etc,. Normally, heated jackets made from water-proof fabric and soft thermal insulation are more expensive.


Design. The design and style of heated jackets also can affect the price. For example, the long style is always more expensive than the normal style. And the price of the heated jacket with a detachable hood is higher.

How much are heated jackets?

From the above discussion, we know that the price of heated jackets is determined by multiple factors. Also, the price commonly ranges from $50 to $250. To help you make the right choice, we test 3 heated jackets at different prices.

Venustas Mens Heated Jacket 7.4V

Venustas Men's Heated Jacket 7.4V

It costs us $149.99, and it is worth the money. When we get this jacket, what impresses us most  is the tailored design and breathable fabric. And this jacket uses 5 carbon fiber heating elements to guarantee comfortable warmth, and even heat. Also, it includes a 7.4V battery that can keep the warmth up to 8-10 hours. Well, it’s an ideal heated jacket that fits various activities, like hiking, camping, skiing, commuting to work, and so on.

ORORO Womens Classic Heated Jacket

ororo women's heated jacket 7.4V

ORORO is one of the most popular heated apparel brands and we particularly buy this jacket. It’s a heated jacket that uses 3 carbon fiber heating panels and a slim-cut design to provide maximum warmth. Also, we found the jacket shell is water-resistant to challenge unpredictable weather. And the price is $209.00, maybe somewhat expensive.

KEMIMOTO Men's Heated Jacket 

KEMIMOTO Men's Heated Jacket 

This heated jacket I bought at an affordable price, only $49.99. It is equipped with 4 heated zones and 3 adjustable modes to guarantee the perfect level of warmth. And based on the cost, the jacket uses a 5V battery to power the 4 heating elements and it can work for up to 16 hours. Also, it is easy to care, like we can put it on the washing machine.



Heating Technology

Heating Zones




Venustas Men’s Heated Jacket 7.4V

Carbon fiber



New Sliver mylar thermal

Detachable hood

YKK Zippers

$149.99 (*original price is $199.99)

ORORO Women’s Classic Heated Jacket


Carbon fiber



Detachable hood

Dual YKK zippers

Fleece lining cuff

Adjustable hem


KEMIMOTO Men's Heated Jacket 






Sliver lining

Detachable hood



We have already reviewed the above 3 heated jackets and we found Venustas and ORORO would be better in overall performance, like quick heat, even warmth, and soft fabric. And we think maybe Venustas has a price advantage.


 All in all, the price of heated jackets varies in the market. And there are many affordable options for those who have a limited budget, like Venustas. Ultimately, the price of a heated jacket should be weighed against its features and materials to ensure that you get the best value for your money.


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