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Heated Vest: Anytime and Anywhere

27 May 2021 0 Comments

Choosing clothes for different seasons can be a difficult task. For instance, spring can be a tricky season to dress for, especially in the earlier part of the season, where the temperature increases to unbearably hot at noon and drops in the evening. And as for the cold winter days, nobody wants to wear a pile of clothes to keep body temperature because it might make them feel cumbersome. And the worse thing is, sometimes it's not enough to brave the cold, even wearing the layers as many as you can. The winter chill always finds its way in!

Under these circumstances, a vest with heating panels can be a perfect choice. Designed for every weather condition, the heated vests for men or women are suitable for various temperatures and can be worn under the jacket or on the inner layers. It is comfy, practical, and exactly satisfies your need anytime and anywhere.

When it comes to heated vests, there are various ways to use them anytime and anywhere.

  • Watching outdoor sports
  • Skiing, snowboarding, and sledding
  • Fishing and hunting
  • Outdoor work such as construction and mail delivery
  • Walking to work or college classes
  • Shoveling the driveway and other outdoor housework
  • Commuting to work via public transportation or car
  • Staying warm indoors during drafty weather

Here are our most popular vests options.

Heated Vest for Men/Women

heated vest

Being puffy, lightweight, yet insulated, the heated vest for men/women is an excellent option for you. You can wear it over a flannel shirt or sweater when you need just a bit of warmth or under a heavier coat to provide a temperature boost.

What's more, the water and wind-resistant exterior will keep you warm and comfortable on rainy, foggy days.

Product features:

  • 4 Carbon Fiber Heating Elements
  • Water-resistant and Windproof Shell
  • New Mylar Thermal Lining
  • Machine-washable


Heated Vest for Men/Women Fleece

heated vest

Fleece is a fall and winter favorite. It has excellent insulation properties to keep us warm and cozy. A fleece heated vest on top for those cloudy, cold days is an easy way to keep warm, stay comfortable, and complete your casual look.

This vest adopts an ultra-soft fleece, which helps to keep the heat generated by the body to the maximum so that you can stay warm and cozy even when the power is off.

In addition, this vest is completely machine-washable, so you don't have to worry about it being difficult to take care of.

Product features:

  • 4 Carbon Fiber Heating Elements
  • Water-resistant and Windproof Shell
  • Super Soft Microfiber Fleece Lining
  • Machine-washable


Heated Vest for Men/Women with V-Neck

heated vest

Many people love heated vests because it is lightweight, breathable, and insulated, moreover, they can wear it under any type of coat to keep warm without compromising the fashion look. But for those who pay special attention to their appearance, a heated vest with V-neck can be a better choice because the vest's collar is invisible when there is a coat on it.

Product features:

  • Ultra-soft Fleece
  • 4 Carbon Fiber Heating Elements
  • Polyester Lining
  • Machine-washable

Practical, durable and reliable are the most distinctive features of Venustas heated vest.

People are always considering the practicality of clothes when shopping and hoping they won't be out of date. The heated vest for men and women can be used in the spring, autumn, and winter seasons and can be paired with various styles of coats, sweaters, and sweatshirts.

Have you ever tried Venustas heated clothing and paired it with other clothes? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share your daily fashion look with us.

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