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Boosted Capacity: How Venustas Batteries Outperform the Market?

It’s frustrating to find the battery is easily out of power, especially in urgent situations. To alleviate this issue, Venustas provides an all-new battery with higher capacity and enhanced performance. In this passage, let’s take a close look to know why it can outperform the market.  

Why Choose Venustas Heated Apparel This Winter?

If you're interested in understanding the rationale behind selecting a heated clothing, this article is a must-read. It explores the reasons for choosing heated jackets and introduces 5 types of heated clothing for you.

Skiing Season 2023: Are Heated Vests Good for Snow?

As temperature drops, skiing starts to become an essential outdoor activity. Given the cold weather, some skiers would like to try a heated vest. Are heated vests good for snow? In this passage, we will share the answer and give you some recommendations.

5 Reasons Why Venustas Batteries Are Better

If you decide to purchase a heated jacket, we think that you want one that brings you warmth but doesn’t overheat you. That’s why batteries are so important. In this passage, let’s introduce the types of Venustas batteries and tell you why they are better than other options.

Is Heated Apparel Safe for Kids?

Looking to ensure your child stays warm during cold days? This guide is your go-to resource. We will explore the safety features of heated apparel, and offer valuable tips on selecting the right heated apparel for your child.

Explain: Why We Use 12V Battery for Heated Jacket?

The blog offers an comparison of 12V batteries, 5V and 7.4V batteries in terms of capacity, heating zones, and runtime, and emphasizes the specific advantages related to the use of a 12V battery pack.