[Full Guide] How to Choose Heated Vest?

“I always hate doing housework in the freezing winter. It’s tough to overcome the cold temperature issue. But the feeling has changed since I bought a heated vest.”

If you are a housewife as I am, you would find that it’s miserable to do the housework in the winter. Maybe we don’t like washing the plates or cleaning the house, but the disgust is overwhelming when winter is coming. There is no doubt that it’s torturous to put your hands in a cold environment. Fortunately, something has changed my mind. Thanks to the heated vest, there is no torture anymore. That’s the main reason why I am here to write the blog. 

Heated vest is a winter apparel powered by the battery to generate heat, aimed at providing extraordinary warmth to the body. What surprises me is its excellent overall performance including heated system, material, and waterproof ability. I must recognize that a heated vest is essential for housewives, especially those who live in the colder cities. Are you starting to be interested in this amazing item? Below are some selection tips to help you. 

How to choose heated vest?

Overall Performance

  • Heating elements

Inside the heated apparel, the heating element means a lot for a heated vest because it is the main source of heat. On the market, carbon fiber heating element possessing good thermal stability is commonly used in heated vests. Developed by advanced heated technology, graphene element begins to receive favor among most manufacturers. Graphene is regarded as the thinnest, strongest and most flexible nano-material, making the heated vest prominent in thermal conductivity and damage-proof ability. 

Heating elementHeated zonesThermal conductivityDamage-proof abilityPrice
Ororo Women’s Lightweight Heated VestCarbon fiber heating elements4 (collar, mid-back and 2 pockets)★★★★★★★★$139.99
Venustas Men’s Heated Down VestGraphene heating elements4 (back, chest and 2 pockets)★★★★★★★★★★$189.99
  • Material

The heated vest is made from the outer shell and the inner layer. That means the material is different. Starting with the outer shell, the main purpose is to against the water and wind. To achieve the purpose, polyester and nylon which both perform well in keeping the water and wind out are the main materials of the outer layer. Unlike the outer, the inner layer is mainly to keep the body warm. The soft lining featuring remarkable thermal insulation like fleece or down is the priority. 

Outer shellInner layerWaterproof and windproofWarmthPrice
ARRIS Men’s Heated Fleece VestPolyesterfleece★★★★★★★★★$139.98
Venustas Women’s Heated Down VestNylonWhite duck down★★★★★★★★★★$189.989
  • Style

There are various heated vests with different features on the market. Some are classic. Some are stylish. Some are designed with zipper pockets. Some are designed with a detachable hood. All styles have their own unique design or features. You know, everyone has different insights. Maybe the style is fit for you but not for others. So, you can choose anyone you like.

Venustas Men’s 7.4V Heated VestClassic4 pockets with YKK zippersTrue to size$159.99
PROSmart Unisex Heated VestRegualrStand collar & Zipper pocketTrue to size$99.99


Men and Women have different focuses when purchasing a heated vest. Normally, men attach importance to the practical aspect like heating elements or batteries while women are more likely to focus on the style, design, color, and price.

  • Heated Vest for Men
Heating elementsBatteryWorking hoursWashing method
Gobi Men’s Heated Vest3 heating elements7.4V batteryUp to 10 hoursMachine washable
Venustas Men’s Fleece Heated Vest6 graphene heating elements7.4V batteryUp to 8 or 9 hoursMachine washable
  • Heated Vest for Women
Veustas Women’s V-neck Heated VestStylishV-neckBlack$139.99
Ororo Women’s Heated Down VestStylishDetachable hoodBlack$169.99


People choose a heated vest for different purposes. Some buy it for outdoor work, some for hiking, others for doing housework like me. Let’s take Venustas heated vest as an example.

It’s a perfect pick for those who have to work in extremely cold weather, like cleaners or workers. With the 30% larger heated panels, the heated vest not only keeps the body warm for a long time but also indirectly improves the working efficiency. Moreover, designed with classic style, the heated vest fits different ages.

 Venustas Men’s 7.4V Heated Vest

With 4 graphene heating elements and premium white duck down, the heated vest can bring outdoorsy people double warmth. The heated vest is designed with the detachable hood, protecting the head and ears from blowing wind. No matter what outdoor activity you like, the vest is the best option.

 Venustas Men’s Detachable Hood Heated Vest

This heated vest adopts soft fleece material as the inner layer, which ensures enough comfort and warmth. The outer shell is made of polyester featuring excellent water-proof ability, which can deal with the issue of getting wet when doing housework. In addition, the vest with no sleeves design allows housewives to move more freely.

 Veustas Women’s Fleece Heated Vest.


Yes, a heated vest is worth our investment. It benefits us a lot, like providing unprecedented warmth, promoting blood circulation, etc,.

Yes, heated vests are safe. Heated vests have grown over the years. There is almost no news to report on its security issue. In addition, advanced heated technology and the certified battery guarantee the security.

The best heated vest should basically satisfy these goals: excellent heated system, long-lasting warmth, outstanding wind-proof and water-proof ability, high durability, safe.

It is easy to wash heated vests as same as ordinary clothes. Most heated vests are suitable for hand-wash and machine-wash. And please remember to remove the battery before washing.

Heated jackets and heated vests have similarities and differences. There is no way to judge which one is better. It depends on your favor.


In a word, although the heated vest is more expensive than ordinary vests, it deserves to purchasing. As an amazing item for cold weather, it benefits us a lot. Now, take the selection tips to pick a heated vest for you, your families, or your friends!




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