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Heated Jacket vs. Heated Vest, Which One Is Better?

08 Jun 2022 0 Comments

 Heated clothing as an essential item for freezing winter has become more and more popular among outdoorsy people. A lot of people believe that it is not easy to go through the cold winter without heated clothing. But there is a common problem for most first-time buyers: There seems to be little difference between heated jacket and heated vest. And which one is better? In the blog, we will explore the similarities and differences between them.


Operation Principle

Heated jacket and heated vest work on the same principle. Generally, the process of operation cannot be divorced from three main parts: battery, heating elements and heating setting. Plugging the power cable into the port of the battery to charge the heated apparel and then pressing the button, which can activate heating elements to generate heat in short time. In addition, with an adjustable setting, it is convenient to adjust the heating level to satisfy your body temperature.

Operation Principle


Washing Method

Most people think that washing the heated clothing is a tough task because there are some electric wires sewn together in the apparel. In response to the concern, we assure that it is completely suitable for both hand-wash and machine-wash. In cleaning process, the most important step is to remember to remove the battery before cleaning. If you want to wash your heated jacket in a direct way, please click the blog and get more cleaning instructions.

Washing method



Heated jacket and vest are almost made of same materials like nylon and polyester. Besides the good characteristics of heat reservation, these two kinds of material have excellent performance to against the water and wind. Moreover, there are two kinds of heated element materials: carbon fiber and graphene. Both high-quality materials feature strong thermal conductivity and damage-proof ability, which can greatly improve the heating efficiency.

Heating Material




You can wear a heated jacket or vest in line with different climate or occasions. For climate conditions, heated jacket is more suitable for colder weather while heated vest is a better idea for cooler climate. If you live in one place where the temperature in winter is lower, a heated jacket might be a best choice. For occasions, wearing a heated jacket is a great idea for outdoor work in winter. If you stay indoors for a long time, a heated vest is highly recommended.

Venustas heated jacket



Intuitively, heated vest has no sleeves compared with heated jacket, which makes it look more casual. You know, most young people who enjoy travel prefer to pursuit the leisure style. So, a heated vest is their first clothing choice in the travel. Wearing a heated jacket tends to be more formal and stylish, which can be matched with various style of clothes and shoes.

Venustas heated vest



Although the heated jacket and heated vest are same in material, the quantities of material are different. There is no doubt that the heated jacket uses more materials. In addition, the procedure of making an electric jacket is more complex. Therefore, it is normal that a heated jacket is more expensive than a vest.

Heated jacket and heated vest have their unique features and designs. No matter which one you like, they are both your reliable companion in winter. Or you can buy both, one is for the cool weather or indoors, the other is for the cold weather or outdoors.



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Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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