How to Wash Venustas Heated Jacket?

Venustas heated jacket is one of the best choices for outdoorsy people who prefer to climb the mountain or go hiking during winter days. But some people are apt to show their hesitation when buying the heated jacket because they have doubts about the security of washing Venustas heated jacket. Most of them doubt that whether the heated jacket bears the risk of the electrical leakage in the process of washing. Well, don’t worry and enjoy your shopping. This blog will introduce Venustas heated jacket washing instructions, which can assure that heated jacket is safe to wash.

Venustas Heated Jacket


Methods for washing Venustas heated jacket


There is almost no difference between heated jacket and other types of clothes in cleaning process. You should carefully clean the strain areas with detergent and warm water. But please remember don’t wring or twist the heating apparel so as to protect the heating system better.



It’s so convenient that Venustas heated jacket is machine washable. When you put the jacket in the washing machine, please be sure to use mesh laundry bag given to its special material . Most importantly, please keep in mind that the washing machine should be set in gentle cycle with cold water.

Washing Machine


Both washing methods are suitable for Venustas heated jacket. You can choose whatever you like.

Procedures for washing Venustas heated jacket

Before washing

Checking the pocket of the heated jacket is the most basic step before washing. You might put some important things like ID card or paper in your jacket. Don’t forget to take them out. Moreover, what matters most is to disconnect and remover the battery from the zipper pocket, put the plug back (please cap the garment battery cable if it's 5V heated apparel. No cap for 7.4V heated apparel.) and zip up, which can guarantee the safety during washing.



During washing

You can choose hand-wash or machine-wash to clean your heated jacket. And we suggest that the cleaning temperature should not exceed 86℉. If there are some strains in your heated jacket, you can use diluted soap solution to gently wipe them with a wet tissue to ensure the cleaning effect.

Washing Machine


After washing

Normally, we will dry the clothes after cleaning. It works for Venustas heated jacket as well . But the difference is that the heated jacket should not be dried in a drying machine that would damage the heated jacket. Please put your jacket in a warm place for air drying but avoid the direct sunlight. Afterwards, you should store the heated jacket in the air circulation place and keep the battery away from the moisture.

Dry heated jacket

Tips for washing Venustas heated jacket

According to the washing instructions of Venustas heated jacket, there are some significant tips that are conducive to prolong the life of Venustas heated jacket.

1. Do not bleach the heated jacket.

2. Do not iron.

3. Do not use super-hot water.

4. Do not put your heated jacket on a radiator or wet places.

5.  Avoid long-term exposure to the sun.

Hope the blog can help you to fix the issue of how to wash Venustas heated jacket. Now, you can rest assured to buy our heated clothing on the official website. If you still have confusion about the cleaning items or other issues about the heated jacket, you can read our product’s user manual or get touch with our customer service ( We will try our best to provide you the best service.


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