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Does Venustas Heated Jacket Have Magnets?

25 Oct 2022 0 Comments

“We received a heated jacket as a gift but we want to know if there are any magnets in the jacket. My husband is fitted with a pacemaker, and the doctor told him that he cannot wear the jacket if it has magnets.”

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Does Venustas heated jacket have magnets? It’s a special question that we received from one of our customers. In our research, most people always pay more attention to the performance of heated jackets, like the waterproof or windproof ability while fewer people put forward the above question. To dispel the puzzle, this article particularly shifts the focus to this issue.

Why pacemaker cannot contact with magnets?

Pacemaker is a special device implanted in the chest to control the heartbeat for those who suffer from heart diseases. According to experts, pacemaker contains magnetic materials that are easily affected by the magnetic field. If a pacemaker patient wears something designed with magnets, the magnetic field interference maybe affects the function of the pacemaker.

Heart Rate

Does Venustas Heated jacket have magnets?

To confirm the answer, we get back to the factory to make detailed research about the heated jacket. Now we can discover our conclusion that Vensutas heated jacket doesnt have magnets. Let’s make an explanation for you.

Heating Elements.

As described, a heated jacket powered by the battery can generate heat through the heating elements. It’s easy to provide warmth when pressing the button in front of the heated jacket. It’s the heating elements that make a jacket different, which is approved as a magical invention in the heated gear industry. According to our research, it provides a variety of options including carbon fiber heating elements, graphene heating elements, electric magnetic heating elements, etc.

 Heated element

As proved by the factory, we only use two kinds of heating elements in our apparel. One is carbon fiber heating elements, the other is graphene heating elements. Both feature remarkable performance in thermal conductivity and damage-proof ability, which is widely applied in the heated gear. Besides that, both do not contain any magnets, which cannot form a magnetic field to affect the devices.


Battery is another indispensable element. Only when the battery connects to the jacket, the heating elements can provide warmth with the body. Glancing at the market, most heated apparel brands are more likely to use LI-Polymer batteries to support the working of the apparel. That’s the same as Venustas. LI-Polymer batteries possess large capacity, flexible stability, guaranteed security, etc. In addition, experts claim that a magnet cannot be tested in this battery. All these excellent features are appreciated by us.


Our battery can be divided into two kinds: 5V and 7.4V. 5V is our first battery, which has a capacity of 10,000mAh to provide lasting warmth. 7.4V is an upgraded battery that better than the first one. With the smaller size, 7.4V batteries only have a capacity of 5,000mAh but it cannot compromise the charging efficiency. It can work up to 9 or 10 hours at low level to guarantee all-night warmth.


Design is also an important consideration. You know, some manufacturers prefer to use magnets as decorated items on the apparel. In our research, we found that there are not any magnets attached to our design.

Heated jacket design

Our heated jackets normally are crafted with different materials. Exterior layer adopts water-proof fabric like nylon to protect you from the blowing wind, rain and snow. And the interior layer commonly uses polyester, fleece, or down because it focuses on thermal performance. As for the decoration, we always stick to simple design to make our products unique, like the hood design or YKK zippers.


In a word, Venustas heated jacket does not contain any magnets. So, there is no need to worry about the effect of the magnetic field. Just pick the best one to enjoy the cold days!


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V



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