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21 Oct 2022 0 Comments

3 Best Tips to Use a Heated Jacket

“Winter is around the corner, but I hate to wear many layers of clothing. To dispel the feeling, I particularly bought a heated jacket for this winter.”

Winter is a tough season for those who hate cold. On the other hand, many manufacturers grasp the business opportunity from this issue. So, it comes with the invention of the heated jacket.

Heated Jacket

 A heated jacket is one kind of battery-powered jacket that can generate heat through the heating elements. It provides a good way to get rid of the heavy burden brought by many layers of clothing and enables the warmth to cover you all winter. Maybe it is a new thing for some people. In this article, let’s explore some tips to use a heated jacket.


We all know it’s annoying to find something wrong with the products we bought. It is essential to make a check in shopping, no matter offline or online. That means the first step is to check everything about the heated jacket.

Battery. It’s a key to the value of the heated jacket. As designed, a heated jacket can produce warmth with the support of the battery. So, it is essential to check the battery. The first thing is to connect the battery to the apparel to see whether the heat can be generated. Or maybe it is a flexible way to charge the phone with the battery to check if the battery functions normally.


Heating elements. It’s a key to making a heated jacket different. A heated jacket is just like a traditional jacket without heating elements. That means it’s significant to check the heating elements. All you need is to insert the power cable into the port of the battery to confirm the working condition.

Heating elements

Apparel. Sometimes we found that the real object cannot be matched the product description. So, it’s necessary to check the apparel including the design or material. In this process, some further information about the heated jacket can approach you, like the comfort level of the material.


As the old saying goes, real knowledge comes from practice. Try is an important step to discover something about the heated jacket for you.


On the first try, the battery should be fully charged so that the battery life can be checked. After fully charged, what we should do is to connect the battery to the apparel and put on a heated jacket to confirm its working condition. In this process, heating levels can be adjusted to judge its temperature and working hours. Besides that, the clothing size is needed to measure. Sometimes the unfit size can bring us an uncomfortable experience.


It’s not enough with the above two steps because the final step greatly decides the durability of the heated jacket in some extent. You know, something without enough cherishes would lose its value even though it is covered with high quality.


Following the user manual can show your responsibilities for a heated jacket. It’s the right way to extend the life of a heated jacket. For example, the battery needs to be moved before washing and the apparel cannot be blenched or soaked in super-hot water. Moreover, the heated jacket should be stored in someplace with good air circulation in daily care. For more information about the issue of washing the heated jacket, visit here.


Hope the above tips facilitate you to make a friend with a heated jacket. Now it’s your time to enjoy the cold days with a cozy heated jacket!


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Read Venustas heated jacket manual:

Heated apparel 5V

Heated apparel 7.4V

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