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Can I Wear My Heated Vest on an Airplane?

23 Feb 2023 0 Comments

“I plan to travel in cold months. Can I wear my heated vest on an airplane?”

“Well, I’m not sure.”

Can I Wear My Heated Vest on an Airplane?

Traveling during the winter season can be a challenge, especially if you are flying to a cold place, like Canada or Russia. So, it’s essential to pack the right clothing and accessories to stay warm and comfortable. But bulky clothes always occupy your luggage and would become a burden during the trip. And if travelers plan to out of climbing or skiing on snowy mountains, a traditional coat maybe could not overcome the temperature changes.

A heated vest is a popular item that many travelers would consider taking. But most of them put forward a question: Can you take a heated vest on a plane?

Whats a heated vest?

What's a Heated Vest

Primarily, it’s needed to understand what a heated vest is and how it works. A heated vest is designed to challenge cold weather conditions. It is typically made with heating elements, wires, insulation layers, and batteries to build a heating system. These heating elements are powered by the battery to generate heat. Users only need to plug the cord into the battery port and press the power button, and then the warmth would quickly covers the body.

Can I wear my heated vest on an airplane?

It’s a must to read related regulations when you plan to take a plane in case of some accidents. So, are heated vests allowed on a plane? Here we assure you the answer is “Yes, but the premise is we need to follow some rules.


A heated vest without a rechargeable battery can be packed on a checked passage or carry-on passage. But the airline has some limitations on batteries. Under the regulation, passengers can carry two spare lithium batteries (101-106W, 20000mAh) in a checked bag or carry-on bag. Lithium batteries with more than 106Wh only can be put in your bag.

Normally, the capacity of heated vest batteries is 4800mAh ~ 10,000mAh. That means most heated vests with batteries can be taken together, whether in checked on carried. 

 Can I Wear My Heated Vest on an Airplane?

We know that batteries maybe could increase the risk of a fire or explosion. And another worry is that the electrical heating system in a heated vest can produce electromagnetic radiation to interfere with the plane's navigation systems. To prevent any threat to passengers, the airline regulated that all electric devices could not be used during taking-off. If you feel cold, you can wear your heated vest, but you must turn off the battery.

How to take my heated vest on a plane?

Can I Wear My Heated Vest on an Airplane?

From the above discussion, we know the heated vest can be allowed on a plane based on the regulations. Now let’s discuss some tips about how to take.

  • Before boarding, please check the airline regulation of the flight you book to confirm whether the apparel and power bank can be approved to bring. (Note: If you fly with an international flight, we suggest you should make a call to the airline)
  • Check the capacity of the power bank to confirm its transport code (checked baggage or carry-on baggage)
  • If you would like to wear a heated vest before boarding, you need to disconnect that battery, take off your vest and put it on the convey belt first.
  • Remember to put the battery on your baggage and keep it shut off if you wear a heated vest on the flight.


All in all, a heated vest is TSA-friendly and there is no strict restriction on heated clothing. So, you can take your heated vest on an airplane. But don’t remember to check the airline regulation in advance to ensure you have a comfortable trip.


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